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The Turkish football system is divided into the following leagues.

1 Süper Lig (3 Teams Relegated)
18 clubs
2 (3 Teams Promoted) TFF 1. Lig (3 Teams Relegated)
18 clubs
3 TFF 2. Lig
White Group
19 clubs
TFF 2. Lig
Red Group
18 clubs
4 TFF 3. Lig
Group 1
18 clubs
TFF 3. Lig
Group 2
18 clubs
TFF 3. Lig
Group 3
18 clubs
5 Regional Amateur League
6 Amatör Futbol Ligleri
7 Amateur First Division
8 Amateur Second Division

Promotion and relegation can occur through every league. This means a club in the Turkish Regional Amateur League may be promoted to the top flight Süper Lig. There are two stages to being promoted to the Turkish Third League. First, provinces who do not have professional clubs send a club or clubs to play. These provinces are:

The two clubs who finished first and second gain promotion. In the second stage, the rest of the amateur clubs join in and play against each other. These provinces are:

The club who finishes first gains promotion to the Turkish TFF Third League.[1]

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