Turkish local elections, 2009

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Turkish local elections, 2009
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March 29, 2009 (2009-03-29)
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All 2,919 municipal mayors of Turkey
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Party AK Party CHP MHP
Last election 1,771 mayors, 40.2% 478 mayors, 20.7% 268 mayors, 10.1%
Mayors won 1,465 516 487
Mayors +/-[1] Decrease306 Increase38 Increase219
Popular vote 15.458.985 9,218,445 6,403,831
Percentage[2] 38.8% 23.1% 16.1%
Swing[3] Decrease1.4% Increase2.4% Increase6.0%

Latrans-Local Elections 2009.svg

Map of the election results by party. yellow: AK Party, green: DTP, red: CHP, blue: MHP, purple: DSP, brown: BBP, gray: independent, pink: DP

Turkey held local elections on 29 March 2009. The overall winner was the ruling party Justice and Development Party, although the party saw a decline in its vote relative to the 2007 general election. The leading opposition party, the social democratic Kemalist CHP, increased its vote share, as did a number of smaller parties including the SP, DTP and BBP, whose party leader Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu had died in a helicopter crash four days before the election. The third largest party, the Turkish nationalist MHP, enjoyed a more modest vote surge.[4] The election was not contested by Cem Uzan's GP.[5] The AK Party failed to take certain provinces it had publicly targeted, such as Diyarbakır,[6] İzmir and Urfa,[7] and did not achieve its goal of exceeding 47% of the overall vote.[8] There was localized fighting in southeastern Turkey, where five people were reported to have been killed and about a hundred injured in election-related violence.[8]

Provincial elections[edit]

Flags of political parties before the Turkish municipal elections in Şile. The most visible ones are Nationalist Movement Party and Justice and Development Party) flags.
CHP (Republican People's Party) election bus before the Turkish municipal elections in Kadıköy, Istanbul.

The provisional results for provincial councils (Turkish: il genel meclisi) are given below:

Party Party leader Vote total[1] Vote percentage
AKP Erdoğan 15,257,867 38.99
CHP Baykal 9,090,363 23.23
MHP Bahçeli 6,311,181 16.13
DTP Türk 2,116,684 5.41
SP Kurtulmuş 2,028,134 5.18
DP Soylu 1,450,782 3.71
DSP Sezer 1,073,553 2.74
BBP Yazıcıoğlu[2] 869,772 2.22
ANAP Uzun 294,568 0.75
BTP H. Baş 143,009 0.37
Independents 142,241 0.36
İP Perinçek 100,241 0.26
TKP E. Baş 68,882 0.18
ÖDP Kozanoğlu 57,193 0.15
EMEP Tüzel 43,977 0.11
MP Edibali 34,847 0.09
HAK-PAR Bozyel 25,222 0.06
LDP Toker 10,904 0.03
BDP Ayzit 6,868 0.02
HYP Öztürk 5,985 0.02
Total 39,163,652 100
1 Figures are provisional and will be subject to official review and confirmation.
2 Great Union Party (BBP) leader Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu died in a helicopter crash four days before the local elections.

District elections[edit]

Elections were also held for district mayors (ilçe başkanı) as well as neighbourhood presidents (muhtar).