Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station

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Turkwel Hydro Power Plant
Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station is located in Kenya
Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station
Location of Turkwel Hydro Power Plant
Country Kenya
Location Turkwel
Coordinates 1°55′0″N 35°20′30″E / 1.91667°N 35.34167°E / 1.91667; 35.34167Coordinates: 1°55′0″N 35°20′30″E / 1.91667°N 35.34167°E / 1.91667; 35.34167
Status Active
Commission date 1991
Power generation
Primary fuel Hydropower
Units operational 2
Nameplate capacity 106 MW (142,000 hp)

The Turkwel Hydro Power Plant is Kenya's 3rd largest hydro power plant having an installed electric capacity of 106 megawatts (142,000 hp).[1]

The dam, Kenya's largest, is located on the Turkwel River in NW Kenya. It has a height of 153 metres (502 ft), crest length of 150 m, dam volume of 170,000 cubic metres (6,000,000 cu ft) and retains a water volume of 1,641 million cubic metres (1,330,000 acre·ft).

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