Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station

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Turkwel Hydro Power Plant
Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station is located in Kenya
Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station
Location of Turkwel Hydro Power Plant
Country Kenya
Location Turkwel
Coordinates 1°55′0″N 35°20′30″E / 1.91667°N 35.34167°E / 1.91667; 35.34167Coordinates: 1°55′0″N 35°20′30″E / 1.91667°N 35.34167°E / 1.91667; 35.34167
Status Active
Commission date 1991
Power generation
Primary fuel Hydropower
Units operational 2
Nameplate capacity 106 MW

The Turkwel Hydro Power Plant is Kenya's 3rd largest hydro power plant having an installed electric capacity of 106 MW.[1]

The dam, Kenya's largest, is located on the Turkwel River in NW Kenya. It has a height of 153 m, crest length of 150 m, dam volume of 170,000 m³ and retains a water volume of 1,641,000,000 m³.

It is well known in being a failed aid project where the dam was built on the wrong information, and it has never run to its full capacity. 800 people had to move because of the dam, with little or no compensation, and the damage to the environment and the local people has been huge.

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