Turn of the Tide

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Turn of the Tide
Directed by Norman Walker
Produced by John Corfield
Written by Leo Walmsley (book)
L. du Garde Peach
J.O.C. Orton
Starring John Garrick
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Wilfrid Lawson
Moore Marriott
Music by Arthur Benjamin
Cinematography Franz Planer
Edited by Ian Dalrymple
Stephen Harrison
David Lean
Distributed by Gaumont British Distributors
Release dates
Running time
80 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Turn of the Tide (1935) is a British drama film directed by Norman Walker and starring John Garrick, Geraldine Fitzgerald, and Wilfrid Lawson, and was the first feature film made by J. Arthur Rank.

The film is set in a North Yorkshire fishing village, and relates the rivalry between two fishing families. The actors included John Garrick, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Wilfrid Lawson speak in the local accent. The work is based on the novel Three Fevers by Leo Walmsley.



Although the film was originally considered a box office disappointment it was eventually voted the sixth best British movie of 1936[1]


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