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The Turnberry Place development as of 2010

Turnberry Place Community Association is a luxury residential high-rise complex located in Las Vegas, Nevada, that contains four towers and a private club. The Stirling Club is a 75,000-square-foot (7,000 m2) building housing restaurants, bars, beauty services, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a spa. All of the towers are 477 ft (145 m) tall and have 40 floors. The top floor apartments consist of two story homes, with a pool, hot tub and an outdoor fireplace on the 40th floor. The community is considered the largest tax payer in Clark County.

At the time of construction, they were tied for the 10th tallest buildings in Las Vegas. As of 2009, they were the 20th tallest building in the area. It is the largest and tallest condominium complex in the state of Nevada.[citation needed]

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