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Turone's goal (Italian: Il gol di Turone) has been for decades one of the most debated events in the history of Italian Football. It refers to the disallowing of a goal scored by Roma versus Juventus in a crucial match for the 1980-81 Serie A championship. It occurred during one of the last matches of the league season when the two teams were, along with Napoli, fighting for the title.


The event occurred in Turin on 10 May 1981 during the match between Juventus and Roma. At the time, Juventus were topping the Serie A by one point over second-placed Roma; after that match there would have been just two games each to play.

The match turned out to be a tight game, with many fouls and hard tackles from both sides. In the second half Juventus's midfielder Giuseppe Furino was shown a red card for persistent fouling and sent off. The match still remained tight until 10 minutes before the end when, following a move by Roma started by Carlo Ancelotti, the sweeper Maurizio Turone headed goalwards a ball played to him by the forward Roberto Pruzzo. The goalkeeper, Dino Zoff, could not save it and it seemed the away team had achieved the 1-0 scoreline that they needed. However, the linesman signaled to the referee, Paolo Bergamo, that Turone was offside and the goal was disallowed; the match eventually ended 0-0.

With two games left each of the season, the title was essentially still to play for. Juventus won their next two games: a tough 1-0 victory against Napoli at the notorious Stadio San Paolo, and a 1-0 victory against Fiorentina. Although Roma beat Pistoiese, they could only manage a draw with Avellino on the final day of the season. So Juventus won its 19th Italian League title by two points (44 vs 42). The goal of Turone is very difficult to the slow motion. In effect to understand this event of Italian football, we have waited a lot of time. The disallowed goal gave rise to a huge controversy that endures in anti-Juventus circles - such as in the strong rivalry with Roma.

32 years later, this legendary story is now enriched by a very dramatic ending: like the Italian sport newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport reported, on 23 February 2013 in a radio show on Radiodue (Italian radio) the journalist Carlo Sassi declared that the slow motion photograms were falsified to twist the true against Juventus by the RAI TV-studios in Rome. According to the journalist, the goal was actually irregular and the decision of the referee was in fact correct. Carlo Sassi was at that time working for RAI television as sport commentator.