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Map of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil highlighting
State: Rio Grande do Sul
Meso-region: Southeastern Rio Grande do Sul
(Sudeste Rio-Grandense)
Micro-Region: Pelotas
Location: 31.505 or 31° 25' 18" S lat.
52.1788 or 52° 10' 42" W long.
Area: 254.933 km²
Population (2005):
- Total
- Change
- Density

Elevation: 30 m
Postal code: -
Website: www.turucu.rs.gov.br

Turuçu is a small Brazilian town in the southeastwern part of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is nicknamed the National Capital of the Red Piment (Capital Nacional da Pimenta Vermelha). Its 2001 population was 3,889. The origin of the name comes from a Native South American language. The Camaquã River flows by the municipality and the Atlantic Ocean lies to the southeast along with its bay.

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