Tuscan Dairy Farms

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Tuscan Dairy Farms
Type Subsidiary of Dean Foods
Industry Agribusiness
Founded 1918
Headquarters Metro New York & New Jersey
Products Milk, dairy products
Website www.tuscandairyfarms.com

Tuscan Dairy Farms is a dairy based in the New York metropolitan area, owned by Dean Foods.

Founded in 1918 by Louis Borinsky, Tuscan Dairy Farms was begun as a family-run distribution operation, delivering dairy products door to door on routes throughout Union and Essex counties in New Jersey.

Tuscan Dairy Farms produces fluid milk and dairy by-products which are available to supermarkets, general wholesale, and food service outlets throughout the Northeastern United States.

Tuscan Dairy Farms reached internet phenomenon status on August 9, 2006, when The New York Times published an article relating to users of YTMND.com leaving humorous reviews on a gallon of "Tuscan Whole Milk" available on Amazon.com.[1]


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