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Tusket is located in Nova Scotia
Tusket in Nova Scotia

Coordinates: 43°52′03″N 65°58′07″W / 43.86750°N 65.96861°W / 43.86750; -65.96861 Tusket is a small fishing community located in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia on route 308. The 2006 population was 395.

Tusket Township Courthouse and Gaol, the oldest extant in Canada

The village was originally settled by Acadians, then by Dutch United Empire Loyalists from New York and New Jersey in 1785, after the Great Expulsion. In the 19th century the village was very prosperous as a major ship building center. The Old Tusket Courthouse, built in 1805 and featuring a bell tower, is the oldest standing courthouse in Canada. The first Nova Scotian to die in aerial combat in WWII was from Tusket (Jack Elmer Hatfield, No. 264 Squadron RAF). The French-speaking high school École secondaire de Par-en-Bas is located in the community. The Université Sainte-Anne has a campus located in Tusket as well, in order to serve the Acadian community in surrounding areas.