Tutto l'amore che c'è

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Tutto l'amore che c'è
Theatrical Poster
Directed by Sergio Rubini
Produced by Vittorio Cecchi Gori
Written by Sergio Rubini
Domenico Starnone
Starring Damiano Russo
Michele Venitucci
Francesco Cannito
Pierluigi Ferrandini
Marcello Introna
Antonio Lanera
Sergio Rubini
Gérard Depardieu
Vittoria Puccini
Music by Michele Fazio
Cinematography Paolo Carnera
Editing by Angelo Nicolini
Distributed by Cecchi Gori Distribuzione
Release dates 24 March 2000
Running time 95 min.
Country Italy
Language Italian

Tutto l'amore che c'è (All the Love There Is) is a 2000 film by Italian director Sergio Rubini. It stars Damiano Russo, Michele Venitucci and, in a cameo role, Gérard Depardieu.


Set in the 1970s, the film depicts Italian youths experiencing the sexual revolution of the previous decade, whilst addressing differences between Italy's southern and northern regions.

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