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Manufacturer DIY
Type Mobile phone
Operating system Linux-based
Connectivity USB

The TuxPhone is a mobile phone which runs on free and open-source software, and is currently in the prototype stage. The goal of the project is to develop a phone that anyone with basic soldering equipment can construct, with support from the free and open source software community for downloads, such as ring tones, backgrounds, and music.[1]


The developers of TagSense Inc. originally got the idea to build their own phone after developing RFID readers for existing phones in early 2005. However, the cost to acquire the licenses to know the interfacing details on most phones was too high. Many at the company, Deva Seetharam in particular, thought about developing their own phone, so that they could interface additional hardware as they wanted. Surj Patel then came up with the idea to build a "do-it-yourself" Linux-based phone. The project started in November 2005 with the first prototype finished in January 2006. Meanwhile, Matt Hamrick started the Silicon Valley Homebrew Mobile Phone Club which provided an online community for people interested in building their own phones. Eventually the club became a major part of the TuxPhone project.[2]

The project has not been updated since 2009-01-20.[3]

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