Tuzla Power Station

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Tuzla Power Plant
Tuzla Power Station is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tuzla Power Station
Location of the Tuzla Power Station in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates 44°31′12″N 18°36′22″E / 44.52000°N 18.60611°E / 44.52000; 18.60611Coordinates: 44°31′12″N 18°36′22″E / 44.52000°N 18.60611°E / 44.52000; 18.60611
Status Operational
Commission date 1963
Owner(s) EBiH
Power generation
Primary fuel Coal
Units operational 2 X 32 MW
1 X 100 MW
2 X 200 MW
1 X 215 MW
Make and model Škoda
Nameplate capacity 715
Annual generation 3,100
Cogeneration? yes

Tuzla Power station is a coal-fired power station in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the largest power station in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is operated by Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine (EBiH).


Construction of the first two units started in 1959. The first 32 MW unit was commissioned in 1963 and the last 215 MW unit was commissioned in 1978.[1][2]

There is a plant to build a new 450 MW unit by Alpiq.[2][3]



The power station has an installed electric capacity of 715 MW (without two 32 MW units) and it produces around 3.1 TWh of electricity per year.[1][2] In addition, it supplies heat for Tuzla and Lukavac. The plant burns 330,000  tons of coal annually.[1]

Units 1-6 are supplied from the Kreka and Banovići mines, and unit 7 is supplied from the Đurđevik and Banovići mines.[1]

Unit 4 has a 100-metre (330 ft) flue gas stack, Unit 6 a 165-metre (541 ft) flue gas stack.[4]


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