Twante Township

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Twante Township
တွံတေး မြို့နယ်
Twantay Township
Twante Township is located in Burma
Twante Township
Twante Township
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 16°44′0″N 95°58′0″E / 16.73333°N 95.96667°E / 16.73333; 95.96667Coordinates: 16°44′0″N 95°58′0″E / 16.73333°N 95.96667°E / 16.73333; 95.96667
Country Burma (Myanmar)
Region Yangon
Administrative seat Twante
Population (2008)[1] 202,221
Time zone MST (UTC6:30)

Twante Township (Burmese: တွံတေး မြို့နယ်, pronounced: [tʊ̀ɴté mjo̰nɛ̀]) is a township in the Yangon Region of Burma (Myanmar).It is located west, across the Hlaing River, from the city of Yangon. The principal town and administrative seat is Twante. The township is home to the Shwe Sandaw Pagoda, which holds an annual pagoda festival on the Burmese New Year.[2]


The 220 villages of Twante Township are organized into 65 Village Tracts and 8 urban wards.[1] Twante Township is well known for its pottery activities handled by a few families since several generations.[3]


During the British rule in Burma, George Orwell was a police officer in Twante, responsible for the security of some 200,000 people.


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