Twelve Apostles of Mexico

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The Twelve Apostles of Mexico or Twelve Apostles of New Spain were a group of twelve Franciscan missionaries who arrived in the newly founded Viceroyalty of New Spain in May 1524, with the goal of introducing its indigenous population to the Christian faith. Franciscan Fray Pedro de Gante had already been evangelizing in Mexico since 1523. The group consisted of Fray Martín de Valencia (their leader), Fray Francisco de Soto, Fray Martín de Coruña (also known as Fray Martín de Jesǘs), Fray Juan Juárez, Fray Antonio de Ciudad Rodrigo, Fray Toribio de Benavente Motolinia, García de Cisneros, Fray Luis de Fuensalida, Juan de Ribas, Fray Francisco Jiménez, Fray Andrés de Córdoba, and Fray Juan de Palos.[1] Juan de Palos, a lay Franciscan, took the place of Fray Bernardino de la Torre, who did not sail with the group. Fray Andrés de Córdoba was also a lay brother.[2]

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