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Twelve Gauge Records
Twelve gauge records logo.png
Founded 2004 (2004)
Founder Jihad M. Rabah
Distributor(s) Deathwish Inc
Country of origin United States
Official website

Twelve Gauge Records is an independent record label operating out of San Francisco, CA with a rich roster of hardcore and metal artists like Sabertooth Zombie, Power, Heavy Heavy Low Low, and others.

The label was founded in 2004 with its first release, Courtside Seats EP by Heavy Heavy Low Low, out in early 2005.[1] Since then, over 20 artists put together a discography of over 30 releases mostly pressed on vinyl only.[2]

No two releases will sound alike as no effort is put into following a specific template or routine. This is a DIY effort with a strong passion for the music and the scene.

Twelve Gauge Records is exclusively distributed by Deathwish Direct.[3]


Active Artists[edit]

Another Mistake
Black Teeth
Dead Will Rise
Fatal Birth
Heavy Heavy Low Low
Hell & Reason
No Sir
Purple Mercy
Sabertooth Zombie
Set It Straight
These Days

Affiliated Artists[edit]

Molotov Solution
War From A Harlots Mouth
Where Eagles Dare

Family Drugs[edit]

No Sir
Self Defense Family


Current Releases[edit]

TG-034: Nervous - Self-titled 12"LP
TG-033: No Sir - The Future Is Bright 12"LP
TG-032: Power - Bremerton Zoo 12"LP
TG-031: Another Mistake/Overlooked - Split 7"EP
TG-030: Creatures - Vesuvius 12"LP
TG-029: Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance 7"EP/Digital
TG-028: Daggers - Euphoria 12"LP
TG-027: Fatal Birth - s/t 7"EP
TG-026: Hellhorse - Decade Of Dust 7"EP/Digital
TG-025: Power - Death Haunts 7"EP/Digital
TG-024: Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance (pt. 2) 7"EP
TG-023: Heavy Heavy Low Low - Hospital Bomber CD/7"EP
TG-022: Sabertooth Zombie - Human Performance 7"EP
TG-021: Throats - Throats 12"EP
TG-020: Sabertooth Zombie - ...And Your Fathers Are Dead In The Ground CD/2xLP
TG-019: Black Teeth - Ghost Town Anthems 7"
TG-018: Purple Mercy - s/t 12"
TG-017: Hell & Reason - s/t 7"
TG-016: Sabertooth Zombie - The Midnight Sessions 12"
TG-015: Sabertooth Zombie - Mere Bears: The Riot Cops Bathed On Zion Digipak CD
TG-014: Sabertooth Zombie - Dent Face 7"
TG-013: Sabertooth Zombie - Dance/The Prisoner Double Release 10"
TG-012: Molotov Solution - s/t CD
TG-011: Dead Will Rise - Entrepreneur CD
TG-010: These Days - Chained To The Lake CD
TG-009: Misericordiam - Unanimity And The Cessation Of Hostility CD
TG-008: Sabertooth Zombie - Midnight Venom CD
TG-007: Molotov Solution/War From A Harlots Mouth - Split CD
TG-006: Hoods - The King Is Dead LP
TG-005: Set It Straight - Live Your Heart And Never Follow CD/LP
TG-004: Countdown/Tiefighter - Split CD
TG-003: Set It Straight/Where Eagles Dare - Split CD/7"
TG-002: Yourlastbreath - We Play For Keeps CD
TG-001: Heavy Heavy Low Low - Courtside Seats... CD


Family Drugs[edit]

Family Drugs is a new venture co-owned by Sam Pura of The Panda Studios and Jihad Rabah of Twelve Gauge Records.[4] The primary intention of Family Drugs is to supply an outlet for creative minds to release inspirational art. The first release was a project by No Sir, a band featuring members of Sabertooth Zombie and All Teeth. Other projects represent a variety of musical genres presented on a diverse selection of media, including digital, vinyl, and CD.

Family Drugs Releases[edit]

FD001: No Sir - Holy Land 7"EP
FD002: Self Defense Family - The Corrections Officer In Me 12"EP

Distributed Releases[edit]

TG-999: Red Handed - Brainchild12"LP (EBC Records)
TG-998/FD001: No Sir - Holy Land 7"EP (Family Drugs)
TG-997: Throats - Throats Reissue 12"LP (Holy Roar)

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