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Twi may refer to:

  • A collection of dialects of the Akan language, spoken in Ghana
  • Twi-, a numerical prefix
  • Twi ba, a percussive musical instrument
  • Twi'lek, an alien species in the Star Wars universe

TWI as an acronym may refer to:

  • The Way International, a religious organization considered by some to be a cult
  • The Welding Institute, a research and technology organisation based in the UK
  • Trade weighted index, an economic instrument used to compare exchange rates
  • Training Within Industry, a service in the US that provided consultancy to war-related industries during World War II
  • Trans World International, a distributor and producer of televised sports
  • TWI-Bus or Two Wire Interface, a variant of I²C
  • Topographic Wetness Index, an algorithm based on slope and flow accumulation. Otherwise known as Compound Topographic Index
  • Texting While Intoxicated, an iPhone/iPod Touch app where people share text messages from their intoxicated friends
  • Two-Way Immersion is often used interchangeably with the term Dual language, which is a form of education in which students are taught literacy and content in two languages.
  • Tread Wear Indicator
  • Tolerable Weekly Intake