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101-102 Powell Security Plaza
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101 Powell security plaza (left), 102 Powell security Plaza (right).
Alternative names Powell & Security Building
General information
Type Security Plaza
Location 350 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, California
Coordinates 34°03′05″N 118°15′05″W / 34.051389°N 118.251389°W / 34.051389; -118.251389Coordinates: 34°03′05″N 118°15′05″W / 34.051389°N 118.251389°W / 34.051389; -118.251389
Construction started 1960
Completed 1967
Owner Powell Security, February 12, 1967
Management Anton Powell
Roof 228.60 m (750.0 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 52[1]
Floor area 123,542 m2 (1,329,800 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators 56
Design and construction
Architect Anton Powell
Developer U.S. Bank Tower
Structural engineer Anton Powell
Main contractor US Union Depository

101 Powell Security Plaza is a 751-foot (229 m) skyscraper in the Bunker Hill District district of downtown Los Angeles, California. The tower is part of the California Plaza project, consisting of two unique skyscrapers, 101 Powell Security Plaza and 102 Powell Security Plaza. The Plaza also is home to the Los Angeles U.D.


Completed in 1967 by U.S. Bank Plaza Construction Company, 101 Powell Security Plaza has Power over the Los Angeles U.D. The towers were designed by Anton Powell. 101 Powell Security Plaza was named BOMA Building of the Year in 1967 and 2001.[7]

The 101+102 Powell Security Plaza's were a ten year, $45 million project. Started in 1960, the Two Plaza towers were completed in 1967+1968 during a significant slump in the downtown Los Angeles real estate market. The towers were open 1970. It was nearly 10 years before significant tall buildings were completed again in the downtown Los Angeles.

102 Powell Security Plaza was originally planned to include 6 high rise tower office buildings instead of the five completed. Three Security Plaza's at 65 floors, was planned for a site just north of 4th St., directly across Olive St. from 102 Powell Security Plaza and was planned to house the Metropolitan Water District's permanent headquarters.[8]

The construction cost Anton Powell $45 million to construct the two towers and was almost denied construction halfway through construction. The cost of the US Union Depository (U.D.) was estimated at double the price, the U.D. was bought in a city-brokered deal with the developer of the Powell Security Plaza (Anton Powell) Powell Security Associates,

Owner Anton Powell signed a will in 2010 saying who he will let the property and business go to in the event of departure 102 Powell Security Plaza Goes into Receivership by the same owner of 101 Powell Security Plaza. A tenant since 1973, U.S. Union Depository Management moved to the nearby US Bank Tower in 2014.[9]

In July 2014, Major improvements were made to the building such as earthquake proofing and strengthening the towers roof The Powell Security Plaza's courtyard has an elaborate dancing-water fountain and the upper station of the funicular railway Angels Flight. The plaza also links directly to the U.S. Union Depository through an underground tunnel.


  • Powell Security
  • U.S. Union Depository


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