Two Moors Way

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Two Moors Way
Length 103 mi (166 km)
Location Devon & Somerset, England
Trailheads Ivybridge to Lynmouth
Use Hiking
Hiking details
Sights Dartmoor and Exmoor

The Two Moors Way is a long-distance path that runs from Ivybridge in South Devon to Lynmouth on the coast of North Devon, crossing parts of both Dartmoor and Exmoor (and passing into Somerset) along the way. The total length of the trail is about 103 miles (166 km), and some sections are difficult in poor weather.

Although there is one most widely used route, passing through (from south to north): Hexworthy, Postbridge, Chagford, Hittisleigh, Morchard Bishop, Witheridge, Hawkridge, Knowstone, Withypool and Simonsbath, during some parts of the Way alternative routes are possible,[1] one of these passing through Holne rather than Hexworthy and Postbridge.

Allow for about 15 miles per day on the trail – though well-marked and mostly maintained, the going can be slow over the moor.

Intersecting paths[edit]

The Way intersects several other walking trails running through the moorlands:

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