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Two Steps from Hell
Type Private
Genre Music production
Founded February 14, 2006 (2006-02-14)
Founder(s) Nick Phoenix
Thomas J. Bergersen
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, USA
Products Movie and trailer music

Two Steps from Hell is a production music company based in Los Angeles, California, founded by Nick Phoenix and Thomas J. Bergersen on 14 February 2006.[1]


Two Steps from Hell (TSFH) mainly produces music for movie trailers, although recently it has also been used for television shows and selected games.

As of June 2013, TSFH has published 20 demonstration albums and 8 public albums, with almost 1000 unique tracks. Their upcoming public album, Sun, which will be released in early 2014, will be the second public album with only songs composed by Thomas Bergersen. A couple of preview tracks, "Cry" and "Sun", from the album, can be downloaded from Thomas Bergersen's official website. An official music video for "Sun" can be found on Facebook and YouTube.

TSFH's main graphical artist is Steven R. Gilmore,[2] who has created album covers for almost every promotional and public release, including the logo of the company, with the exception being the 2009 DVD release of their library, where the album cover was created by Paul Zeaiter.[3]

Main appearances[edit]

The company's music has been featured in:

Other major appearances[edit]

TSFH's music is now also used extensively in a variety of places, from global events to local concerts, some of which are recorded below:


  • The song, "Heart", from Thomas Bergersen's solo demonstration album Two Steps from Heaven, was made available in 2011 to raise money to help the victims of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake.
  • Thomas Bergersen has recently released a new song called, "The Hero in Your Heart", to raise money to help the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan, the 2013 Philippine typhoon. The lyrics have been performed by Merethe Soltvedt. It's not yet known if this song would end up in the Sun album.


TSFH successfully hosted a live concert on June 14, 2013 at the Disney Hall, in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., performing some of their most popular songs, such as Heart of Courage, Protectors of the Earth, To Glory, Strength of a Thousand Men, Black Blade and Breathe, as well as Ocean Princess, Age of Gods and Remember Me from Bergersen's album Illusions.[12] The next day, they confirmed on Facebook further concerts, with place and date to be announced.[13] On June 26, 2013 Bergersen confirmed the next concert to take place in Europe.[14]


Demonstration albums[edit]

  • Volume 1 (2006) [First album]
  • Shadows and Nightmares (2006) [Mainly 'Horror' Genre]
  • Dynasty (2007) [An 'Epic' Genre album]
  • All Drums Go to Hell (2007) [Heavily Percussion-Oriented Album]
  • Nemesis (2007) [An 'Epic' Genre album mostly composed by Thomas Bergersen]
  • Pathogen (2007) [Electro-Metal album largely composed by Nick Phoenix]
  • Dreams & Imaginations (2008) [New Age album]
  • Legend (2008) [An 'Epic' Genre album, with some songs composed by Troels Folmann]
  • Ashes (2008) [Horror Genre]
  • The Devil Wears Nada (2009) [Mostly light and humorous album]
  • Power of Darkness (2010) [Epic-themed album]
  • All Drones Go to Hell (2010)[15] [Also known as Mystical Beginnings;[16] Uses many 'Drone' instruments, New Age Album]
  • Illumina (2010)[15] ['New-Age' album]
  • Balls to the Wall (2011) [Percussion album, with some songs composed by Alex Pfeffer]
  • Nero (2011) [An 'Epic' Genre album, with some songs composed by Alex Pfeffer]
  • Two Steps from Heaven (2012) [Pet Project of Thomas Bergersen, 'Inspiring']
  • Faction (2012) [In ExtremeMusic it shown that this album is composed by "Bergersen/Phoenix/Rue" It is not cited with the rest of the albums in their website.]
  • Burn (2012) [A small collection of 8 dubstep remixed tracks. They refer to these tracks as EpicStep][17]
  • Cyanide (2013) [Percussion and electro-metal album]
  • Crime Lab (2013) [Electro-metal album, similar to "Cyanide"][18]

Public albums[edit]

  • Invincible (2010) [Compilation of some of the most popular TSFH tracks]
  • Illusions (2011) [Thomas Bergersen album, formerly named Nemesis II]
  • Archangel (2011) [Compilation of more of the most popular TSFH tracks]
  • Demon's Dance (2012) [Compilation of tracks from various albums, not just epic-themed albums, available only on the TSFH application for iOS and Android]
  • Halloween (2012)[19] [Compilation of well-known horror tracks from several demonstration albums, with several other-genre tracks as well]
  • SkyWorld (2012) [First public album to use mostly all-new tracks.]
  • Classics Volume One (2013)[20] [Compilation of some tracks. First public album available in lossless audio]
  • Speed of Sound (2013) [Nick Phoenix album. All-new tracks.] [21][22]

Upcoming albums[edit]

  • Sun (2014) [Projected to be similar to Illusions by Thomas Bergersen]
  • Unknown album, similar to Skyworld (2014)

Other albums[edit]

There are a number of albums made by other composers and not Thomas Bergersen or Nick Phoenix. Not much is yet known about them. They are:

  • Sinners (2011) [Electronic Metal album composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, although still under the TSFH label.]
  • Solaris (2013) [Electronic Metal album which is actually composed by Alex Pfeffer, although still under the TSFH Label]
  • Orion (2013) [Very short album (only 5 tracks) composed by Michal Cielecki][23]

There are also Trailer Toolkits, especially designed for the movie industry. They can be found at their page in ExtremeMusic.

Music videos[edit]

  • To Die on Halloween (2012)
  • Sun (2013)


Songs that are not on any album (though may yet be). All of the following pieces are written by Bergersen:

  • Where Are You (2011) [Pop-Trance with a unique style. Lyrics performed by Thomas Bergersen]
  • The Hero in Your Heart (2013) [For the 2013 Philippine typhoon. Lyrics performed by Merethe Soltvedt]
  • Autumn Love (2014) [Dreams and Imaginations album style]
  • That's A Wrap (2014) [A combination of many TSFH sounds put together on a dark, orchestral 10 minute song]
  • Into Darkness (2014) [A 9 minute Mix of epic-orchestral and club style. Lyrics performed by Thomas Bergersen]

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