Two Wives

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Two Wives
Promotional poster for Two Wives
Genre Melodrama, Family, Romance
Written by Lee Yoo-seon
Directed by Yoon Ryu-hae
Starring Kim Ji-young
Son Tae-young
Kim Ho-jin
Kang Ji-sub
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 120
Running time 30 minutes
Mondays to Fridays at 19:20 (KST)
Original channel Seoul Broadcasting System
Original release May 4, 2009 (2009-05-04) – October 30, 2009 (2009-10-30)
Preceded by Temptation of Wife
Followed by Wife Returns
Related shows Two Wives (Philippine TV series)
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Two Wives (Hangul: 두 아내; RR: Du Anae) is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Kim Ji-young, Son Tae-young, Kim Ho-jin, and Kang Ji-sub.[1] The daily drama aired on SBS on Mondays to Fridays at 19:20 from May 4 to October 30, 2009 for 120 episodes.

The series was part of the "Wife Trilogy," which includes Temptation of Wife and Wife Returns.[2]


Kang Chul-soo (Kim Ho-jin) divorces his wife Yoon Young-hee (Kim Ji-young) to start anew with single mother Han Ji-sook (Son Tae-young), with whom he had carried on an affair. After the split, however, Chul-soo gets into a car accident and wakes up with fake memories of Ji-sook. Chul-soo thinks he's still married to Young-hee, and Young-hee and everyone else can only play along while he recovers.


Main characters[edit]

Supporting characters[edit]

Yoon family
  • Andy Lee as Yoon Nam-joon (Young-hee's younger brother)
  • Jeon Moo-song as Yoon Jang-soo (Young-hee's father)
  • Jo Yang-ja as Seo Yeo-ja (Young-hee's mother)
Kang family
  • Kim Yoon-kyung as Kang Do-hee
  • Kim Yong-rim as Jang Young-ja (Chul-soo's mother)
  • Kang Sung-jin as Ahn Kyung-tae
  • Kim Young-ran as Oh Dal-ja
  • Uhm Min-woo as Kang Han-byul (Young-hee and Chul-soo's son)
Han family
  • Kim Soo-jung as Han So-ri (Ji-sook's daughter)
Extended cast
  • Lee Yoo-jin as Jo Mi-mi
  • Choi Won-young as Lee Young-min
  • Go Jung-min as Yoo Young-sun
  • Yoon Ji-min as Oh Hye-ran
  • Kim Hye-ok as Ji-ho's mother
  • Kim Na-young as Oh Ae-rang
  • Jung Tae-won as Dong-joon
  • Seol Ji-yoon as Dong-joon's mother
  • Jang Joon-ho as editor
  • Kang Soo-han as editor's son
  • Jung Ji-ah as Se-ri
  • Jung Chi-in
  • Min Ah-ryung
  • Jeon Sung-hwan
  • Yang Hee-kyung



International broadcast[edit]



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