Two a Penny

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Two a Penny
Two a Penny VideoCover.png
Directed by James F. Collier
Produced by Frank R. Jacobson
Written by Stella Linden (original story and screenplay)
Starring Cliff Richard
Ann Holloway
Dora Bryan
Avril Angers
Geoffrey Bayldon
Peter Barkworth
Mona Washbourne
Earl Cameron
Charles Lloyd-Pack
Billy Graham
Music by Mike Leander
Cliff Richard
Cinematography Michael Reed
Edited by Ann Chegwidden
Eugene Pendleton
Distributed by World Wide Pictures
Running time
98 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Two a Penny is a British film released in 1968, featuring singer Cliff Richard. The film was directed by James F. Collier and produced by Frank R. Jacobson for Billy Graham's film distribution and production company World Wide Pictures. The original story and screenplay was written by Stella Linden.

The cast included Ann Holloway, Dora Bryan, Avril Angers, Geoffrey Bayldon, Peter Barkworth, Mona Washbourne, Earl Cameron, Charles Lloyd-Pack, and Billy Graham himself, filmed at his "London Crusade" in 1967.


Jamie Hopkins (Cliff Richard), an art student and frustrated pop star lives with his mother (Dora Bryan), who works as a receptionist for Dr. Berman (Donald Bisset), a psychiatrist who is experimenting with psychedelic drugs. Jamie wants to make money quickly, and begins to work at the doctor's office as a pretence in order to steal drugs.

When his girlfriend Carol (Ann Holloway) is converted to Christianity when attending a crusade led by evangelist Billy Graham, she attempts to show him the error of his ways. Soon after, Jamie is caught stealing from Dr. Berman's drug supply, and attempting to double-cross drug dealer Alec Fitch (Geoffrey Bayldon).

Initially hostile toward his girlfriend's newfound faith, Jamie eventually accepts it.

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