Two for the Price of One (ABBA song)

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Two for the Price of One is an ABBA song, released in their 1982 album The Visitors. The song was also featured on ABBA Live.


The Leader-Post explains that the song is about "our pathetic love-starved hero answering an ad for the girl of his dreams".[1]


Abba's Abba Gold describes it as the "obligatory Bjorn-sung track".[2]

Critical reception[edit]

Abba - Uncensored on the Record says that Two for the Price of One is an "extaordinary song" and that it, along with another song from the album, "attracted some interest".[3] Abba's Abba Gold likened it to "Electric Light Orchestra doing an operetta, with superb multilayered vocals on the chorus".[2] Keith Tuber of Orange Coast Magazine describes the song as his favourite of the Visitors album, describing it as a "humorous, clever ditty with a twist ending", and likens it to The Piña Colada song by Rupert Holmes.[4] The Leader-Post describes it as a "novelty number", and a "witty little tune". Along with When All Is Said And Done, he said it one of two song wothy of mentioning in the review.[1] L.A. Times talks about the album's meloncholy vibe, noting that "even the album's two lighthearted cuts - "Two for the Price of One" and "Head Over Heels" - are about out-of-synch relationships."[5] Only Solitaire says " the Bjorn-sung 'Two For The Price Of One' is an absolute lyrical nadir with a banal pop melody that could have easily made it onto Ring Ring". In regard to the song's inclusion on ABBA's live album, it says "if you're gonna have one really really bad ABBA song on a live album, at least make it something goofy from the early days, like 'King Kong' or 'Nina Pretty Ballerina!' At least they were having fun with th[o]se ones."[6]