Two of Us (Phil Keaggy and Mike Pachelli album)

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Two of Us (Groovemasters Vol. 10)
Studio album by Phil Keaggy
Released October 3, 2006
Genre Instrumental, acoustic
Length 55:02
Label Solid Air Records
Producer Phil Keaggy & Mike Pachelli
Phil Keaggy chronology
Two of Us
Dream Again
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Minor 7th [1]

Two of Us is the title of the tenth volume in Solid Air Records' "Groovemasters" series. It was recorded by guitarist Phil Keaggy and Mike Pachelli, released in 2006.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Maccadocious"
  2. "Bears Den Road"
  3. "Westside Talkin'"
  4. "Birds"
  5. "Remember When"
  6. "Beatified"
  7. "For John & Val"
  8. "Old Friends"
  9. "County Down Revisited"
  10. "Song of the Woods"
  11. "Self Duet"
  12. "Baggend"
  13. "The Walk"


  • Phil Keaggy - Guitars
  • Mike Pachelli - Guitars

Production notes[edit]

  • James Jensen - Executive Producer
  • Bill Wolf - Mastering