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Twusic is a Belgian music platform, based on Twitter hashtags, developed in Brussels by the company LemonLab.


Twusic allows users to compose their own music station from a simple tweet using the hashtag #nowplaying.

Twusic History[edit]

Twusic is a crazy little idea that Amaury Lesplingart and Alexis Lecomte had in 2009. At the time, Twusic is far from its current version and is only a vague concept discussed at parties. It will take a year for these two fellows to successfully implement this idea and no less than six months to get out the first version (aka Alpha) of Twusic.: how to convert a tweet into music.

In 2011, having undertaken and won the 2011 spring session of the Founder Institute Brussels - Paris, LemonLab launched a beta version of a Twusic interface already redesigned and having introduced the concept of social media radio, the team grew, welcoming new molecules within it.

In November 2011 Twusic release was introduced at EBE11

In January 2012 Twusic is finalist at MIDEMLAB @ MIDEM ( Cannes - France )

Twusic Stats[edit]

500.000 users played music on Twitter in less than a year 2.000 new tracks are added each day 300 days of music are available

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