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Ty Votaw (born February 1962) is an American lawyer and an executive in the golf industry.

Votaw was born in Greenford, Ohio. He graduated from Ohio University and earned his law degree at the University of North Carolina.[1]

Votaw joined the LPGA as general counsel in 1991 and served as Commissioner from 1999 to 2005. In 2006 he was appointed Executive Vice President, International Affairs of the PGA Tour.[1] In 2013 Votaw was named Executive Vice President and Chief Global Communications Officer for the PGA Tour, and in September 2014 was named the Tour's Chief Marketing Officer where is responsible for all of the organization's communications, marketing, branding and advertising.[2] Votaw also serves as Vice President of the International Golf Federation.[3]

While Votaw was at the LPGA, he and LPGA Tour golfer Sophie Gustafson became personally close, sparking press coverage because he was still married, though separated from, his first wife, Paula Keiffer.[4][5] The couple were married on June 16, 2006.[6] They divorced in January 2010.[7] Votaw is currently married to the former Kelli Suire.[8]

Votaw also coordinated the 2016 Olympic golf movement on behalf of the International Golf Federation's Olympic Golf Committee and other golf organisations around the world. Votaw served in a newly created position as Executive Director, IGF Olympic Golf Committee.[9] Golf was subsequently added to the 2016 Summer Olympics.[10]