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Scott Hansen
Tycho press shot near Pyramid Lake, NV.jpg
Background information
Also known as ISO50
Born 1976/1977 (age 37–38)[1]
Origin Sacramento, California,
United States
Genres Ambient, IDM, downtempo
Years active 2002–present
Labels Ghostly International
Merck Records
Gammaphone Records
Website TychoMusic.com

Scott Hansen (born 1976/1977), professionally known as Tycho, is an American ambient music artist and producer from San Francisco, California, who is known as ISO50 for his photographic and design works.[2][3][4] Tycho is currently signed to, and has released under, Ghostly International, but has also released music on Merck Records and Gammaphone Records.[5] His song, "Dictaphone's Lament", was used as the track on a music video entitled "Live Life to the Fullest", which was made by and featured on the action cartoon block Toonami. Additionally, his song "Cascade" (originally made for an Adult Swim/Ghostly International compilation) was played during the final moments of the original 11-year run of Toonami in 2008.[6]

Live members[edit]

Recent Tycho performances have seen the inclusion of a live backing band.[7]

  • Scott Hansen - Synthesizers, guitar, bass guitar, visuals, programming
  • Zac Brown - Bass guitar, guitar
  • Rory O'Connor - Drums
  • Joe Davancens - Bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizers



  • Sunrise Projector (2004, Gammaphone Records)
  • Past is Prologue (2006, Merck Records)
  • Dive (2011, Ghostly International)
  • Awake (2014, Ghostly International)[8]


  • The Science of Patterns (2002/2007, independent/Gammaphone re-release)
  • Fragments / Ascension (2013, Ghostly International, split w/ Thievery Corporation)


  • "Past is Prologue" 12" sampler (2006, Merck Records)[9]
  • "Adrift/From Home" (2008, Ghostly International)
  • "The Daydream/The Disconnect" (2007, Ghostly International)
  • "Coastal Brake" (2009, Ghostly International)
  • "Hours" (2011, Ghostly International)
  • "Dive (Radio Edit)" (2011, Ghostly International)
  • "Dive" (2012, Ghostly International)
  • "Awake" (2013, Ghostly International)
  • "Montana" (2014, Ghostly International)
  • "Spectre" (2014, Ghostly International)
  • "See" (2014, Ghostly International)[10]



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