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Tygron Serious Gaming
Industry Serious Games
Founded 2005
Headquarters The Hague, The Netherlands
Website www.tygron.nl

Tygron Serious Gaming is a serious game developer located in The Hague, The Netherlands. It specializes in bringing real-life complex management challenges that have multiple actors with unique tasks and different interests into a ‘multiplayer serious game’, making use of modern game technology.

Tygron was founded in 2005 by Maxim Knepflé and Jeroen Warmerdam as a serious gaming and media company. Since then, the focus of the company has moved away from the media and has narrowed towards serious gaming. The main focus in 2006 was the production of SimPort[1], a multiplayer management game, in which teams of players collaborate to create a major international port. Partnership with, among others, the Delft University of Technology has enabled the company do research and development. Since 2008 Tygron focuses its efforts mainly on the Watergame and SimPort.

Serious games[edit]

  • SimPort - Create your own version of the next world Port.
  • Watergame - Game about spatial planning and water management.

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