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Type 056 corvette in ShangHai.jpg
PLAN Type 056 Corvette
Class overview
Builders: Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding
CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding
Wuchang Shipyard
Liaonan Shipyard
Operators:  People's Liberation Army Navy
 Bangladesh Navy (ordered)
Preceded by: Type 037 patrol craft
Building: 7+
Planned: 43 for 1st batch; >20 for 2nd batch
Completed: 23
Active: 18
General characteristics
Type: Corvette
Displacement: 1,300 tonnes (Standard Load)
1,440 tons (Full Load)
Length: 89m
Beam: 11.6m
Draft: 4.0m
Propulsion: 2 diesel
Speed: 28 kn
Range: 3500 nmi (6500 km) at 18 knots
Complement: 60
Sensors and
processing systems:
SR64 air/surface-search radar
TR47 gun fire-control radar
Armament: • 2× 2-cell YJ-83 (C-803) anti-ship missiles, amidships

• 1× HQ-10 8-round SAM launcher, aft
• 1× H/PJ-26 76 mm main gun, forward
• 2× H/PJ-17 30mm RWSs, amidships

• 2× triple torpedo tubes
Aviation facilities: Helipad

The Type 056 corvette (NATO codename: Jiangdao) is a new Chinese light warship that entered service with the People's Liberation Army Navy in 2012 as a replacement for the Type 037 series of patrol vessels. It has been described as a stealth missile corvette which is also armed with a 76mm main gun.


Following the designing and building of the Pattani class corvette for the Royal Thai Navy in the mid-2000s, speculation of a domestic variant of the design was rife. The speculations were confirmed in November 2010 during a visit by Maj. Gen. Wang Junli, Deputy commander of the Hong Kong Garrison and the Hong Kong University's Vice-Chancellor Tsui Lap-chee[1] when a model of the Type 056 was presented. The first ship was launched in May 2012.[2][3]

Though the Type 056 appears in the 21st century, the design concept can be referred to as early as the 1980s, when the PLAN were considering developing a larger patrol ship to replace the Type 037 to improve the living conditions on the ship, which was firstly called by Type 038. However, this concept was not realized until the appearance of Type 056 in 2012 due to the shortage of funds.[4][5]


The Type 056 has a stealthy hull design with sloped surface and a reduced superstructure clutter. There is a helipad at the stern for a light helicopter but has no organic helicopter support facilities.

The main anti-ship armament consists of YJ-83 sea-skimming anti-ship cruise missiles in two twin-cell launchers. The primary anti-aircraft armament is one FL-3000N short range missile system with 8 rounds. A 76 mm main gun based on a Russian AK-176 is mounted forward. 2 triple torpedo tubes are mounted for ASW operations.

Type 056 is the first Chinese warship with modular design, which makes it cover the roles from OPV to multi-role frigate. The PLAN used versions may include basic type, ASW type, ASuW type, AAW type and commander type; while the export versions can be quite differently fitted according to buyer's requirement. Specifically, the OPV version have higher bridge thus larger RCS than the corvette/multi-role frigate version, but have better vision for patrol role; OPV version also has hangar while corvette not; moreover, corvette version have less complement though with more weapon systems, which indicate the combat system for corvette is more advanced.


At least four variants of Type 056 have been fielded by PLAN, but their respective designations remain unknown because no such information has been released as of mid-2014.

The first variant of Type 056 is the basic version including the first unit of this type that was launched in mid 2012 by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding, and a total of three were built. The visual distinction of this variant is in its chimney where the exhaust pipes are exposed. Another distinct visual identification of this variant is in its inward slanted bulwark at the bow.[6]

The second variant of Type 056 is the modification of the basic version with infrared suppression added to the chimney and the exhaust pipe covered up to improve stealth. The bulwark at the bow is also modified in that the original bulwark is replaced by a bulwark similar to the bulwark installed at the bow of Type 054A frigate. This second variant begun with the fourth unit of Type 056 that appeared in late 2012, as units built by Huangpu Shipyard of Guangzhou Shipyard International. Reportedly, the first three units of the first variant of Type 056 is later modified to the standard of this second variant.[6]

The third variant of Type 056 has further modification to superstructure improve stealth, and it first appeared at the end of 2012 when launched, and early 2013 when entered service. The platform where fire control radar is installed is redesigned to eliminate the sharp edges, which are replaced by slant angles. The chimney also has slight slant angle as well.[6]

The fourth variant of Type 056 is an ASW version and sometimes referred as Type 056A on the internet, but this designation has yet to be confirmed by official sources. This first unit of this fourth variant first appeared in late 2013. The main difference between this variant and earlier three variants is in stern, which is redesigned to house variable depth sonar and towed array sonar added.[6]Moreover, the YJ-83 in the middle of the ship can be replaced by Yu-8 series rocket propulsion torpedo to cooperate with the towed sonar, and two 4 barrel multil-role rocket launchers are installed outboard of the engines, which can launch decoy and ASROC.


At least two versions of OPV that are direct relations with the Type 056 have been sold to other countries. One is the Royal Thai Navy's Pattani class OPV, the other is an enlarged version with full-load displacement of 1800 tonnes. Two OPVs based on the Pattani class have been ordered by the Nigerian Navy. Their factory designation is P18N.[7]

Two corvette versions have been sold to the Bangladesh Navy, and more may built locally at Bangladesh's Khulna Shipyard (KSY). A multi-role frigate version of the Type 056 with integrated mast and VLS also appeared at LIMA 2013.

In KADEX 2014, Kazakhstan Naval Commander Zhandarbek Zhanzakov show interest in type 056 and may order 3 for their corvette program,[8] and it is also a potential bidder for Pakistan navy's corvette program.

Technical specifications[edit]

Type 056 Type 056A[9] P15T P18N
Users  People's Liberation Army Navy
 Bangladesh Navy(1)
 People's Liberation Army Navy  Royal Thai Navy  Nigerian Navy
Displacement(ton) ~1,300 (normal) ~1,300 (normal) 1,460 (full) 1,800
Dimensions(m) Length:89.0, Beam: 11.6, Draft: 4.0 (?) Length:89.0, Beam: 11.6, Draft: 4.0 Length:95.5, Beam: 11.6, Draft: 3.0 Length:95.5, Beam: 11.6,Draft: 3.5
Propulsion 2 x S.E.M.T.Pielstick 16PA6STC 2 x Rushton 16RK270 2 x MTU 20V 4000M diesel engine
Maximum Speed (knots) unknown 25 21
Range unknown 3,500 nmi at 15 knots unknown
Endurance unknown 20 days
  • Guns: 1 x 76mm main gun; 2X 30mm gun
  • SSMs: 4 x YJ-83
  • SAMs: 1 x 8 barrel HQ-10
  • ASWs: 2 x 3 barrel 324mm Yu-7; 4 x Yu-8(optional replacement of the YJ-83 for type 056A); 2 x 4 barrel multi-role rocket launcher(for type 056A)
  • 2 x 9 barrel decoy for SSMs
  • Guns: 1 x 76mm main gun; 2 x 20mm gun; 2 x 12.7 mm gun
  • SSMs: left space for SSMs
  • Guns: 1 x 76mm main gun;2 x 30mm gun; 2 x 20mm gun
Hangar no yes
  • SR64 air/surface-search radar
  • TR47 gun fire-control radar
  • bow sonar
  • SR64 air/surface-search radar
  • TR47 gun fire-control radar
  • bow sonar
  • towing sonar (active and passive VDS)
  • Selex RAN-30 search radar
  • TMX/EO fire-control radar
  • SR64 air/surface-search radar
  • TR47 gun fire-control radar
Crew 60 84 70

(1)Type 056 of Bangladesh Navy has removed bow sonar and Yu-7 torpedoes compared to the original basic version, and the 30mm guns can be controlled both manually and remotely while the original one can only be controlled manually


 People's Liberation Army Navy
 Number   Pennant Number   Name   Builder(Shipyard NO.)   Launched   Commissioned   Fleet   Status   Type 
1 582 蚌埠 / Bengbu Hudong(1) 23 May 2012[3] 25 February 2013[10] East Sea Fleet Active Basic
2 596 惠州 / Huizhou Huangpu(1) 3 June 2012 1 July 2013[11] Hong Kong Garrison Active Basic
3 584 梅州 / Meizhou Wuchang(1) 31 July 2012 30 July 2013[12] South Sea Fleet Active Basic
4 580 大同 / Datong Liaonan(1) 10 August 2012 18 May 2013[13] North Sea Fleet Active Basic
5 583 上饶 / Shangrao Hudong(2) 19 August 2012 10 June 2013 East Sea Fleet Active Basic
6 597 钦州 / Qinzhou Huangpu(2) 30 August 2012 1 July 2013 [11] Hong Kong Garrison Active Basic
7 585 百色/ Baise Wuchang(2) 25 October 2012 12 October 2013 South Sea Fleet Active Basic
8 581 营口 / Yingkou Liaonan(2) 18 November 2012 1 August 2013[14] North Sea Fleet Active Basic
9 587 揭阳 / Jieyang Huangpu(3) 28 January 2013 26 January 2014[15] South Sea Fleet Active Basic
10 586 吉安 / Ji'an Hudong(3) 25 February 2013 8 January 2014 East Sea Fleet Active Basic
11 589 清远 / Qingyuan Huangpu(4) 31 May 2013 11 June 2014[16] South Sea Fleet Active Basic
12 588 泉州 / Quanzhou Hudong(4) 26 June 2013 8 August 2014 East Sea Fleet Active Basic
13 592 泸州 / Luzhou Wuchang(3) 16 July 2013 7 June 2014 South Sea Fleet Active Basic
14 590 威海 / Weihai Liaonan(3) 1 August 2013 15 March 2014 North Sea Fleet Active Basic
15 591 抚顺 / Fushun Liaonan(4) 1 August 2013 12 July 2014 North Sea Fleet Active Basic
16 595 潮州 / Chaozhou Wuchang(4) 14 November 2013 28 November 2014 South Sea Fleet Active Basic
17 593 三门峡 / Sanmenxia Hudong(5) 20 November 2013 13 November 2014 East Sea Fleet Active 056A(ASW variant)
18 594 株洲 / Zhuzhou Huangpu(5) 30 November 2013 28 November 2014 South Sea Fleet Active 056A(ASW variant)
19 598 ? Hudong(6) 16 May 2014(?) South Sea Fleet Fitting Out 056A(ASW variant)
20 599 ? Huangpu(6)  ? May 2014 South Sea Fleet Fitting out 056A(ASW variant)
21 503 Wuchang(5)  ? May 2014 Fitting out Basic
22 501 Liaonan(5) 30 June 2014 Fitting out Basic
23  ? Hudong(7) 11 October 2014 Fitting out 056A(ASW variant)
 Bangladesh Navy
 Number   Pennant Number   Name   Builder   Launched   Commissioned   Status   Type 
1 F111 Shadhinota Wuchang 30 Nov 2014 launched Basic
2 Wuchang ordered Basic
3 Khulna Basic?
4 Khulna Basic?
 Nigerian Navy
 Number   Pennant Number   Name   Builder   Launched   Commissioned   Status   Type 
1 F91 Centenary Wuchang 27 Jan 2014 sea trial P18N
2 F92 Wuchang 11 Sep 2014 launched P18N
 Royal Thai Navy
 Number   Pennant Number   Name   Builder   Launched   Commissioned   Status   Type 
1 511 Pattani Hudong 14 Dec 2005 Active P15T
2 512 Narathiwat Hudong Feb 2006 Active P15T


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