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Class overview
Builders: Bohai Shipyard, Huludao
Operators: People's Liberation Army Navy Submarine Force
Succeeded by: Type 094 (Jin class)
In service: 1981
Completed: 2?
Active: 1
Lost: 1?
General characteristics
Displacement: 6,500 tons, 7,000 tons submerged.[1]
Length: 120 m (393 ft 8 in)
Beam: 10 m (32 ft 10 in)
Draught: 8 m (26 ft 3 in)
Propulsion: 1 × pressurized-water nuclear reactor, 58MW; 2 × steam turbines; 1 shaft.
Speed: 22 kts. (25.3 mph)
Range: Unlimited
Test depth: 300 m (984 ft 3 in)
Complement: 100
Armament: 6 × 533 mm (21 in.) torpedo tubes (bow); missiles - 12 JL-1A SLBMs.

The 6,500-ton Type 092 Daqingyu (United States Department of Defense designation Xia-class, Chinese designation 09-II) submarine was the first ballistic missile-carrying, nuclear submarine class (SSBN) deployed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy Submarine Force, and the first SSBN designed and built in Asia. She was designed by Peng Shilu (彭士禄) and Huang Xuhua (黄旭华),[2] and derived from the Han-Class SSNs, with an extended hull to accommodate twelve missile tubes.

The first Changzheng 6 (# 406) of its class was laid down in 1978 at Huludao 120 miles North-East of Beijing; she was completed in 1981. She then spent 6 years being fitted out and conducting tests with its 12 JL-1 (CSS-N-3) missiles, becoming active in 1987. Later, the submarine went through numerous upgrades in incremental step, including using Type H/SQ2-262B sonar manufactured by No. 613 Factory replacing the original Type 604 sonar on board.

A second hull is thought to have been completed in 1982, however this is debatable. There is little information regarding the history of this ship if in fact it actually existed. It is suggested, though not confirmed, that this second Type 092 was lost in an accident in 1985.[3][4][5]

The 092 has undergone numerous refits, currently featuring a new black paint, possible quieting technologies, French-designed sonar, and the improved longer ranged JL-1A SLBM. It is reported[who?] that the 092 has not sailed beyond Chinese regional waters.[citation needed]

The Xia is aging however and a new nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, the Type 094, has been developed and deployed by the People's Liberation Army Navy. The US Defense Intelligence Agency lists the Xia-Class as being "Not Operational."[6] While its capability is still being questioned, Xia made its world wide debut on April 23, 2009 celebrating the 60th anniversary of PLA Navy's founding.[7][8][9][10][11]

The 092 class is homeported in Jianggezhuang near Qingdao.[12]

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