Tyra of Denmark

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Olaf offers Queen Thyri a stalk of angelica. She weeps and scolds him for not daring to face up to Svein Forkbeard and retrieve her dowry (illustration from 1899).

Tyra of Denmark, also called Tyri Haraldsdatter and Thyra (10th century – 1000) was a Danish princess and a Norwegian Viking age Queen consort, spouse of King Olav I of Norway.

Tyra was born to King Harald Bluetooth and Queen Gyrid Olafsdottir, Princess of Sweden. She was first married to the Swedish prince and throne claimant Styrbjörn Starke (Beorn the Feisty and Strong) and was as such a titular crown princess of Sweden. As a widow, she married a Polish prince. Second widowed, she married King Olav I of Norway. According to legend, Queen Tyra committed suicide by starvation after the news of her husband's death in 1000.


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Tyra of Denmark
Born: Unknown Died: 1000
Preceded by
Gunnhild, Mother of Kings
Queen Consort of Norway
Succeeded by
Sigrid Storråda