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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Avengers #154
(December 1976)
Created by Gerry Conway (writer)
George Pérez (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Tyrak
Species Homo mermanus
Place of origin Atlantis
Abilities Size-Shifting

Tyrak is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

Fictional character biography[edit]

He is an Atlantean warrior, serving in the army of the conqueror Attuma. He has served in a number of missions for Attuma, and has fought the Avengers on more than one occasion.

He posed as the Inhuman Triton to capture the Avengers for Attuma.[1] Tyrak battled the Avengers when they arrived to battle Attuma.[2] He later fought the Avengers again, attempting to regain his lost honor.[3]

Some time later, Tyrak returned to try to defeat Namor to regain Attuma's favor, but was defeated by the Avengers.[4] Attuma later dispatched Tyrak during the Atlantis Attacks storyline, but he was again defeated by the Avengers and their allies.[5] Tyrak later fought the Avengers and the People's Protectorate.[6]

During the Fear Itself storyline, Tyrak helps Attuma (in the form of Nerkodd: Breaker of Oceans), Attuma' sister Aradnea, and Tiger Shark take over New Atlantis and launch an attack on the surface world.[7]

Powers and abilities[edit]

He rivals Attuma's strength and is able to enhance it further by increasing his height to a maximum of 40 feet (12 m).


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