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The Tyrconnell

The Tyrconnell” is a historic brand of whiskey that the Cooley Distillery has revived.

Previously owned by the Watt Distillery, which dates back to 1762. The Watt family had a proud tradition of producing good whiskeys, and also a love for horse racing.

The Tyrconnell was their flagship brand, and is named after a very successful racehorse owned by the Watt family.

This historic whiskey brand has been kept alive by Cooley, who has maintained the Tyrconnell reputation as shown by its recent Gold Medal wins. Liquor ratings and review aggregator Proof66.com, which assembles expert evaluations of whiskies and other spirits, rates the Tyrconnell 10-Year Madeira Cask Finish among the 20 best whiskies in the world.[1]

Tyrconnell Single Malt Sherry Finish was named Best Irish Single Malt at the 2013 World Whiskies Awards.[2]

The horse[edit]

In 1876, the Watt family entered a horse, a chestnut colt, named "The Tyrconnell" in the Irish Classic horse race "The National Produce Stakes".

Incredibly, it won at 100 to 1.

This spectacular achievement inspired the Watt Distillery to celebrate the occasion with a special commemorative Tyrconnell label showcasing the horse, which remains in use to this day.

Tyrconnell experimental finishes[edit]

Because the Cooley Distillery was Ireland's last independent distillery,[3] the company had room to experiment with . They decided to put some 10 year old Tyrconnell into sherry, port and Madeira casks. The result was the Tyrconnell Finishes. The Tyrconnell Madeira finish won Jim Murray's Best Irish Whiskey of 2008 in his acclaimed whiskey bible. The single cask is a cask of exceptional quality picked by the Master Distiller. At the moment the majority of Tyrconnell single casks are 15 years old.


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