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Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG
Industry Abrasives
Founder Daniel Swarovski (Co-Founder)
Headquarters Schwaz, Austria
Products Conventional and superabrasive grinding wheels, cut-off wheels, diamond tools for the construction and stone industries, concrete sawing and drilling machinery, coated abrasives
Revenue 578 million € (2012)[1]
Number of employees
4628 worldwide (2012)[1]
Website tyrolit.com

Tyrolit develops, manufactures and markets abrasive products as well as concrete sawing and drilling equipment. With 27 production locations on 4 continents,[1] the TYROLIT group belongs to the world’s largest producers of bonded abrasives.[2][3] The company is based in Schwaz, Tyrol, Austria. TYROLIT, a registered trademark, was named after the mineral Tyrolite, first described in 1845 in Tyrol.


Tyrolit was co-founded on the 13th of February 1919 by Daniel Swarovski to manufacture grinding wheels for the production of Swarovski-Crystals. During World War I, the Swarovski Group was cut off from supplies of grinding wheels and was forced to develop and produce its own grinding wheels. After the war, it was decided to commercialize this activity and to start a separate company: Tyrolit was born.[4] In 1950, the company relocated from the Swarovski Headquarters in Wattens to a new location in Schwaz. One of the largest drivers of growth of the company was the market launch of the glass fibre reinforced cut-off and grinding wheel SECUR in 1952.[5] The glass fibre reinforcement greatly improved the security of the tools against centrifugal breakage.[6] In 1991 Tyrolit acquired the US company Diamond Products and the Swiss company Hydrostress. These acquisitions added significant presence in the market for concrete drilling and sawing systems.[5] Further major acquisitions took place in 2004 with the purchasing of the Czech company Carborundum Electrite and in 2009 with the purchasing of the US company Radiac.

TYROLIT headquarters in Schwaz


The Tyrolit Group is organized in four divisions:[1]

  • Metal / Precision – serves the metal fabrication and precision machining markets
  • Construction – serves the construction industry
  • Stone / Ceramics / Glass – serves the stone, ceramic tile and glass industries
  • Trade – sells stock articles such as cut-off wheels through industrial distributors


The Tyrolit Group operates under the following brands:

  • Tyrolit: Global brand for all grinding solutions
  • Tyrolit Hydrostress: drilling and sawing equipment for the construction industry
  • Tyrolit Vincent: Milling, profiling and polishing tools for the stone, ceramic tile and glass industries
  • Radiac: US producer of conventional bonded and superabrasive grinding wheels
  • Diamond Products: US producer of diamond tools and equipment for the construction industry
  • Burka Kosmos: German producer of conventional bonded grinding wheels
  • Carborundum Electrite: Czech producer of conventional bonded grinding wheels


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