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Tytus is a human name that can serve as a given name or surname.

People with a first name of Tytus

  • Tytus Czyżewski (1880-1945), Polish painter, art theoretician, Futurist poet, playwright, member of the Polish Formists, and Colorist
  • Tytus Maksymilian Huber (also known as Maksymilian Tytus Huber, 1872 - 1950), Polish mechanical engineer, educator and scientist
  • Tytus Działyński (1796-1861, son of Ksawery, father to Jan Kanty), Polish political activist and protector of arts
  • Tytus Chałubiński (1820 - 1889), Polish physician, cofounder of the Polish Tatra Society

People with a surname of Tytus

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