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U-Bahn Logo in Germany
U-Bahn Logo in Vienna, Austria

U-Bahn or Untergrundbahn is German for underground rapid transit or metro. Six systems take its name, with only five of them being metro systems:


Stadtbahn (Premetro, Light Rail)[edit]

One "U-Bahn" system is in fact a light rail or premetro[dubious ] due to its partial integration with street traffic:

Further German light rail or premetro[dubious ] systems are therefore called U-Stadtbahn where running underground ("U") or only Stadtbahn is the German term for light rail):

Stadtbahn (Tram-Train)[edit]

German tram-train systems are generally called Stadtbahn; only two among them feature premetro[dubious ] sections, although a metro (U-Bahn) has never been planned there:

U-Straßenbahn (Sub-Surface Tram)[edit]

Tram networks are called U-Straßenbahn in Germany and Austria where running underground (U).

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