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Studio album by Simon Collins
Released 2008
Recorded 2007–2008
Genre Rock
Label Razor & Tie
Producer Kevin Churko & Simon Collins
Simon Collins chronology
Time for Truth

U-Catastrophe is the third album by British-Canadian musician and singer-songwriter Simon Collins. It was first digitally available in August 2008 on iTunes.


While recording a cover of the 1981 Genesis song "Keep It Dark" in 2007, Collins met Canadian record producer Kevin Churko. As a result of the meeting, they decided to produce Collins' next album together.[1] That same year Collins signed with the record label Razor & Tie. Work began on the album in September 2007, finishing in February 2008.[2]

Theme and highlights[edit]

Collins recounts that much of the album as well as the album's title were inspired by events in his own life, stating, "I went through some hard times a couple years ago and I had to find a way back to love and a way back to living a life that I knew was healthy for me. There were certain things I felt a need to sing about, so a lot of these songs were inspired by my own personal u-catastrophe.".[3] Us (Love Transcends)" is according to Collins "one of the most personal songs on the record." which was written for his partner and stepdaughter.[3] Collins has also related that songs on the album such as "Disappearing" and "Eco" are his response to the global warming issue: "I know everyone's sick of hearing about it but it's not gonna go away."[3]

Collins' father, Phil Collins, appears on the track "The Big Bang" in a drum duet between the two.[4][5] Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett contributed to the final track, "Fast Forward the Future".[4][5]


Musicplayers.com wrote in their review of the album, "There is definite greatness here. On the drumming front, Simon shares style and tone with his dad, but he goes far more in a modern rock direction with programming electronic beats and grooves."[6]

The album's first single "Unconditional" reached the Canadian Hot 100 in November 2008.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "U-Catastrophe"   5:24
2. "All I've Left to Lose"   3:07
3. "Disappearing"   4:20
4. "Powerless"   3:38
5. "Go (Only One I Know)"   4:26
6. "The Good Son"   4:54
7. "Unconditional"   3:39
8. "The Big Bang"   5:54
9. "Eco"   5:11
10. "Us (Love Transcends)"   4:21
11. "Between I & E"   5:02
12. "Fast Forward the Future"   6:34
Total length:

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