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U.S. Route 150 marker

U.S. Route 150
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 50
Length: 571 mi[1] (919 km)
Existed: 1926[1] – present
Major junctions
North end: US 6 in Moline, IL
  I-55 in Bloomington, IL
I-57 in Champaign, IL
I-74 in Danville, IL
I-70 in Terre Haute, IN
I-69 in Washington, IN
I-64 / SR 62 in New Albany, IN
I-265 / SR 62 in New Albany
I‑264 near Shively, KY
I‑64 in Louisville, Kentucky
I‑65 in Louisville
US 31E from Louisville to Bardstown
East end: US 25 in Mount Vernon, KY
Highway system

U.S. Route 150 (abbreviated Route 150 or U.S. 150) is a 571 mile (919 km) long northwest-southeast United States highway, signed as east–west. It runs from U.S. Route 6 outside of Moline, Illinois to U.S. Route 25 in Mount Vernon, Kentucky .

Route description[edit]


In the state of Illinois, U.S. 150 runs from the Quad City International Airport at U.S. Route 6 southeast to near Vermilion. U.S. 150 in Illinois is 267.47 miles (430.45 km) long.[2]

Between Moline and Danville, Route 150 closely parallels Interstate 74.


In the state of Indiana, U.S. 150 runs south with U.S. Route 41 from Terre Haute. It is then concurrent with its parent, U.S. Route 50 from Vincennes to Shoals. It then runs east to New Albany before overlapping Interstate 64 into Kentucky. Between Vincennes and New Albany the road follows the original route of the Buffalo Trace.


U.S. 150 runs with I-64 entering Kentucky from Indiana, crossing the Ohio River on the Sherman Minton Bridge. It then forms a major southeastern radial artery from downtown Louisville, called Bardstown Road and intersecting with Interstates 65, 264 and 265.

For its length in Louisville, U.S. 150 is also concurrent with U.S. Route 31E. They separate at Bardstown near the Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Parkway. U.S. 150 then continues southeast, around the city of Danville before terminating at Mount Vernon.


U.S. Route 168 was created in 1926 from Louisville to Mount Vernon, Kentucky, overlapping US 68 between Bardstown and Perryville. In 1934, US 150 absorbed US 168.

Illinois Route 39 ran from Bloomington to Champaign on the current routing of U.S. 150.[3]

Major intersections[edit]


County Location Mile km Destinations Notes
Rock Island   US 6 to I-74 / I-280
Henry   IL 81 east
Alpha IL 17 west West end of IL 17 overlap
  IL 17 east East end of IL 17 overlap
Knox Galesburg US 34 – Kewanee, Monmouth Interchange
  IL 97 south
  I-74 – Galesburg, Peoria
Peoria   IL 78 north West end of IL 78 overlap
  IL 78 south East end of IL 78 overlap
  To I-74
Peoria IL 91 north
IL 6 to I-74 / I-474 – Chillicothe Interchange
I-74 – Bloomington, Galesburg Access from US 150 east to I-74 west is via Sterling Avenue
IL 40 (Knoxville Avenue)
IL 29 (Adams Street) – Chillicothe, Downtown Peoria Interchange
Illinois River McClugage Bridge
Tazewell East Peoria US 24 east / IL 116 east – Metamora, Washington West end of US 24 / IL 116 overlap
I-74 / IL 29 north – Bloomington, Peoria West end of IL 29 overlap
US 24 west / IL 8 west / IL 29 south / IL 116 west East end of US 24 / IL 29 / IL 116 overlap; west end of IL 8 overlap
I-74 west – Peoria Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
IL 8 east East end of IL 8 overlap
Woodford Goodfield IL 117 to I-74
McLean   I-74 – Champaign, Peoria
  IL 9 west West end of IL 9 overlap
Bloomington I-74 / I-55 / US 51 – Champaign, Decatur, Springfield, Joliet, Peoria, Rockford

US 51 Bus. (North Main Street, North Center Street)
IL 9 (East Empire Street, East Locust Street) East end of IL 9 overlap
I-55 Bus. / Historic US 66 (Veterans Parkway)
  US 136
DeWitt Farmer City IL 54
Champaign Mahomet IL 47 south West end of IL 47 overlap
IL 47 north East end of IL 47 overlap
Champaign IL 10 west (West Springfield Avenue)
US 45 south (South Neil Street) West end of US 45 overlap
Urbana US 45 north (North Cunningham Avenue) East end of US 45 overlap
IL 130 north to I-74 West end of IL 130 overlap
IL 130 south East end of IL 130 overlap
Ogden IL 49 south
Vermilion   I-74 – Champaign, Indianapolis
Danville US 136 / IL 1 north – Chicago West end of IL 1 overlap
Tilton I-74 – Champaign, Indianapolis
14th Street Interchange
Edgar   US 36
Paris IL 1 south / IL 16 west / IL 133 west – Arcola, Charleston, Marshall East end of IL 1 overlap
Vigo   US 150 east Continuation into Indiana
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

Springfield business loop[edit]

U.S. Highway 150 Business
Location: Springfield

U.S. Route 150 Business (US 150 Bus.) is a bannered U.S. Route in Springfield, Kentucky. The route runs through downtown Springfield while US 150 bypasses the town to the northeast. It intersects Kentucky state highways 152, 555, 528, 1584, and 1404.

Danville bypass[edit]

U.S. Highway 150 Bypass
Location: Danville

U.S. Route 150 Bypass (US 150 Byp.) is a bannered U.S. Route in Danville, Kentucky. The route bypasses Danville to the southwest while US 150 runs through downtown. The route is overlapped by US 127 Byp. for approximately the first half of its length. It intersects US 127, along with Kentucky state routes 34 and 37.

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