History of A.S.D. Imperia Calcio

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The history of Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Imperia Calcio has covered 89 years of the football from the club based in Imperia, Liguria. It was a professional Italian football club, founded in 1923 as Unione Sportiva Imperia and refounded in 1987 as A.S. Imperia '87 and in 2008 by the last President Antonio Gagliano with its last denomination, changing the name of the club Progetto Olimpia Imperia created in 2007.[1] Since 2012 the club is disbanded.

Currently the main team of the city is Imperia, the former Pro Imperia founded in 2006.

From 1923 to 2012[edit]

Unione Sportiva Imperia[edit]

It was founded in 1923.

It has played in Serie C for two seasons, in serie C2 for six years and in Serie D for many seasons.

After some economic problems in 1987 the team was banned from all the Italian championships, and then its history ended.

A.S. Imperia '87[edit]

The club was refounded in 1987 as A.S. Imperia '87 after the radiation of the Unione Sportiva Imperia 1923 and departed from the Terza Categoria.

In the 1999-00 season it played in Serie C2.

After some economic problems in 2008 the team was banned from all the Italian championships.

A.S.D. Imperia Calcio[edit]

The club was refounded in 2008 as A.S.D. Imperia Calcio and departed from the Seconda Categoria.

From seconda Categoria to Eccellenza[edit]

The team was promoted to Eccellenza Liguria in the 2010-11 season from Promozione group A by play off, after an ascent started in Seconda Categoria in the 2008-09 season.

In its last season 2011-12 of Eccellenza Liguria it was ranked 5th.

In the summer 2012 it was excluded from Italian professional football after does not join 2012–13 championship of Eccellenza Liguria. [2][3]

Colors and badge[edit]

Former logo Imperia Calcio

The team's colors were black and blue and its symbol was the dragon.


  • Coccarda Italia.svg Regional Coppa Italia Liguria:
    • Winners 2: 2005-06, 2011–12