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Commonly known as U.S.Nautical magazine, the U.S. Nautical magazine and Naval Journal was a monthly nautical newsletter published by Griffiths & Bates (New York) in the 19th century.[1]


The U.S.nautical Magazine was first published as the "Monthly Nautical Magazine and Quarterly review" by Griffiths & Bates (a publishing house in New York). Volume 1 of the U.S> Nautical magazine covered the period October 1854 to March 1855.[2]


The U.S.Nautical magazine carried articles on seamanship, naval architecture, lists of ship builders in America, descriptions of ships / clippers constructed (like the Sunny South, and Blue Jacket) and their voyages,[3] and often, discoveries of islands and reefs made by ships. It also contained articles on disasters at sea, collisions and financial articles related to shipping.[2]


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