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U.S. Route 11W marker

U.S. Route 11W
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 11
Length: 111.2 mi[1][2] (179.0 km)
Existed: 1929 – present
Major junctions
South end: US-11 / US-11E / US-70 in Knoxville, TN

I-40 in Knoxville, TN
SR-61 in Blaine, TN
SR-92 in Rutledge, TN
US-25E in Bean Station, TN
SR-66 / SR-70 in Rogersville, TN
I-26 / US-23 in Kingsport, TN
SR-36 in Kingsport, TN
SR-93 in Kingsport, TN
I-81 near Bristol, TN

US 421 at TennesseeVirginia state line
North end: US 11 / US 11E / US 19 / US 421 in Bristol, VA
States: Tennessee, Virginia
Counties: TN: Knox, Grainger, Hawkins, Sullivan
VA: City of Bristol
Highway system

U.S. Route 11W (US 11W) is a divided highway of US 11 in the U.S. states of Tennessee and Virginia. The U.S. Highway, which is complemented by US 11E to the south and east, runs 111.2 miles (179.0 km) from US 11, US 11E, and US 70 in Knoxville, Tennessee north and east to US 11, US 11E, US 19, and US 421 in Bristol, Virginia. US 11W connects Knoxville and the twin cities of Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee with the East Tennessee communities of Rogersville and Kingsport. The U.S. Highway has an unsigned concurrency with Tennessee State Route 1 (SR 1) for its whole length through Tennessee except through Bean Station.

Route description[edit]

US 11W begins at an intersection with the northern terminus of mainline US 11 in Tennessee, the southern end of US 11E, and US 70 in Knoxville. US 11 and US 70 head west as Magnolia Avenue toward the Knoxville Zoo and downtown Knoxville; US 11E and US 70 head east along Asheville Highway. US 11W heads northeast as Rutledge Pike, a four-lane divided highway that has a partial cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 40 (I-40) before leaving the city of Knoxville at its underpass of I-640 and US 25W. The U.S. Highway crosses to the north side of Norfolk Southern Railway's Knoxville East District and passes between the community of Mascot to the south and House Mountain to the north. US 11W crosses the KnoxGrainger county line and reduces to a two-lane road before intersecting SR 61 in Blaine. North of Blaine, the highway follows Richland Creek northeast through the Richland Valley between the Richland Knobs to the south and the Poor Valley Knobs to the north.[1]

US 11W meets the northern end of SR 92 in the town of Rutledge, the county seat of Grainger County. The U.S. Highway passes along a narrow strip of flat land between the Valley Ridge to the north and Cherokee Lake, an impoundment of the Holston River. East of Tate Springs near the eastern end of the lake's T-shaped northern end, US 11W has an interchange with US 25E (Dixie Highway). The two highways head east on Old Lee Highway, a four-lane divided highway, toward Bean Station. SR 1 continues east on its own path as Old Lee Highway through the center of Bean Station while US 11 and US 25E head southeast on New Lee Highway. The two U.S. Highways then separate at a trumpet interchange; US 11W heads northeast as a four-lane divided highway that receives the eastern end of the unaccompanied section of SR 1 and enters Hawkins County.[1]

US 11W meets the southern end of SR 31 (Flat Gap Road) in Mooresburg. After crossing Poor Valley Creek, the highway begins to parallel the Holston River to the south and Short Mountain on the north. At Marble Hall, US 11W veers southeast into the valley of Crockett Creek and intersects the northern end of SR 344 (Melinda Ferry Road) on its way to Rogersville, the county seat of Hawkins County. At the western end of town, the U.S. Highway meets SR 66 and SR 70 (Trail of the Lonesome Pine) at an interchange; SR 70 joins US 11W in bypassing the Rogersville Historic District. The two highways meet the northern end of SR 347 (Burton Road) before SR 70 splits north at an interchange. The U.S. Highway briefly parallels Big Creek around Bunker Hill before intersecting the west end of SR 346 (Rogersville Highway), which directly serves Surgoinsville while US 11W passes to the north of the town.[1]

Map of northern junction of US 11W, US 11E, and US 11 in Bristol, VA

East of Surgoinsville, US 11W, whose name becomes Lee Highway, begins to parallel the Knoxville East District rail line and meets the eastern end of Surgoinville's Main Street, SR 346. The U.S. and state highways run concurrently east to Church Hill, where US 11W passes under the rail line and SR 346 splits north as that town's Main Street. The U.S. Highway enters Mount Carmel then enters the city of Kingsport, where the highway's name changes to Stone Drive, to the north of the Holston Army Ammunition Plant. US 11W crosses the North Fork Holston River into Sullivan County just south of its confluence with the South Fork to form the Holston River proper. The U.S. Highway passes to the south of Hunter Wright Stadium, home of the minor league baseball Kingsport Mets, before meeting US 23 at a partial cloverleaf interchange; this interchange is the western terminus of I-26. US 11W continues along the northern edge of Kingsport, following Reedy Creek through partial cloverleaf interchanges with SR 36 (Lynn Garden Drive) and SR 93 (John B. Dennis Highway) before leaving the city limits.[1]

US 11W follows Reedy Creek through the hamlet of Mill Point, where the highway intersects the northern end of SR 394, which heads southeast toward the Sullivan County seat of Blountville. Just west of Bristol, the U.S. Highway meets I-81 at a seven-ramp cloverleaf interchange. The movement from southbound US 11W to northbound I-81 is made via a ramp just south of where I-81 enters Virginia. US 11W continues east as State Street into the city of Bristol, where the highway meets the northern end of SR 126 (Blountville Highway). The U.S. Highway meets the state line at an oblique angle where the highway intersects US 421 (Gate City Highway) and SR 1, which heads east as a solo highway as State Street to its eastern terminus in the Bristol Commercial Historic District. US 11W and US 421 head northeast as Euclid Avenue through the independent city of Bristol. The highways pass Devault Memorial Stadium, home of the Bristol Pirates, and crosses a rail line at grade before US 11W reaches its northern terminus at Commonwealth Avenue. Southbound Commonwealth Avenue carries southbound US 11E, US 19, and US 421. Virginia State Route 381 follows the north–south boulevard through the intersection; the state highway becomes I-381, a spur south from I-81, a short distance to the north. Euclid Avenue continues east as mainline US 11 and US 19.[1]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile
Destinations Notes
Knox Knoxville 0.0 US-11 south / US-70 (Magnolia Avenue) / US-11E north (Asheville Highway) – Jefferson City Southern terminus of US 11W; US 11W and US 11E come together to form US 11
0.5 I-40 – Nashville, Asheville I-40 Exit 392
Grainger Blaine 15.0 SR-61 west – Luttrell
Rutledge 29.0 SR-92 south – Jefferson City
Bean Station 40.4 US-25E north (Dixie Highway) – Tazewell Flyover for southbound US 11W
43.1 US-25E south – Morristown Trumpet interchange
Hawkins Mooresburg 46.9 SR-31 north (Flat Gap Road) – Sneedville
Marble Hall 57.1 SR-344 south (Melinda Ferry Road) – Russellville
Rogersville 60.2 SR-66 / SR-70 south (Trail of the Lonesome Pine) – Sneedville, Bulls Gap, Greeneville Interchange; south end of concurrency with SR 70
62.4 SR-347 east (Burton Road) – Burem
63.0 SR-70 north – Eidson Interchange; north end of concurrency with SR 70
Surgoinsville 68.3 SR-346 east (Rogersville Highway)
Surgoinsville 74.9 SR-346 west (Main Street) – Surgoinsville West end of concurrency with SR 346
Church Hill 79.5 SR-346 east (Main Street) East end of concurrency with SR 346
Sullivan Kingsport 87.9 I-26 east / US-23 – Johnson City, Gate City I-26 Exit 1
88.7 SR-36 (Lynn Garden Drive) Partial cloverleaf interchange
92.2 SR-93 (John B. Dennis Highway) – Bloomingdale, Fall Branch Partial cloverleaf interchange
Mill Point 101.5 SR-394 east – Blountville
Bristol 107.2 I-81 – Knoxville, Roanoke I-81 Exit 74; no ramp from southbound US 11W to northbound I-81
108.0 I-81 north – Roanoke Ramp from US 11W to northbound I-81
109.4 SR-126 south (Blountville Highway) – Blountville
TennesseeVirginia state line 110.0
US 421 north (Gate City Highway) / SR-1 east (State Street) – Gate City South end of concurrency with US 421
City of Bristol 1.12 US 11 north / US 19 (Euclid Avenue) / US 11E south / US 421 south / SR 381 (Commonwealth Avenue) Northern terminus of US 11W; US 11W and US 11E come together to form US 11
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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