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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 13 in Delaware. For the entire length of the highway, see U.S. Route 13.

U.S. Route 13 marker

U.S. Route 13
Route information
Maintained by DelDOT and USACE
Length: 103.33 mi[1] (166.29 km)
Major junctions
South end: US 13 at MD border in Delmar

US 9 in Laurel
DE 1 (multiple locations)
US 40 in State Road
US 202 / DE 141 in Wilmington Manor
I‑295 / US 40 in Wilmington Manor
I‑495 south of Wilmington

I‑495 in Claymont
North end: US 13 at PA border near Claymont
Highway system

Routes in Delaware

DE 12 DE 14

U.S. Route 13 (US 13) is the main south–north highway in the U.S. state of Delaware. It traverses the entire length of the state from the Maryland state line in Delmar, Sussex County to the Pennsylvania state line in Claymont, New Castle County. US 13 connects many important cities and towns in Delaware, including Wilmington, Dover, and Seaford. It was the main route between Wilmington and Dover and a part of the main route from Wilmington to the Delaware beaches until the Delaware Route 1 (DE 1) turnpike was completed. It continues to serve as the main route from Delaware to points south, such as Salisbury, Maryland and Norfolk, Virginia. The entire length of US 13 in Delaware is a divided highway with the exceptions of the segment through Wilmington and parts of Philadelphia Pike in Claymont. Between Wilmington and the Kent/Sussex County border, US 13 in Delaware is known as Dupont Highway or Dupont Parkway. In Sussex County, the route is known as Sussex Highway.

Route description[edit]

Sussex County[edit]

Beginning of US 9 N from US 13 N near Laurel, Delaware.

US 13 crosses into Delaware in the border town of Delmar. At the state line, it intersects Delaware–Maryland Route 54, which follows the state line for several miles. US 13 continues north, intersecting DE 30 between Laurel and Delmar, and then DE 24 and US 9 in Laurel. In Seaford, US 13 shares a brief concurrency with DE 20 on the eastern end of town. US 13 continues north and intersects DE 18 in Cannon, just south of Bridgeville. In Bridgeville, US 13 Business loops off of the mainline through the central area of town. Also in Bridgeville, US 13 shares a concurrency with DE 404, which bypasses Bridgeville. North of the DE 404 concurrency, US 13 continues north to Greenwood, where it intersects DE 16 and DE 36.

Kent County[edit]

Northbound US 13 in Dover

US 13 continues north into Kent County, passing through the small town of Farmington. It then continues north to Harrington, home of the Delaware State Fair, where it intersects DE 14 Truck just before the Delaware State Fairgrounds, forming a concurrency with that route. It crosses DE 14 in the center of Harrington, where the truck route ends. In Harrington, US 13 splits into two one-way roads with businesses in the median. After Harrington, it continues north, intersecting DE 12 in Felton. It then passes through Canterbury, where it crosses DE 15 and also where an alternate route, US 13 Alternate, branches off to serve Woodside and Camden, returning to the mainline north of Camden. US 13 intersects DE 10 Alternate in Woodside and DE 10 in Camden.

Near Rodney Village another US 13 Alternate branches off to pass through downtown Dover. US 13 then enters Dover at the Webbs Lane intersection. US 13 intersects the Puncheon Run Connector, which provides a connection to DE 1 that is mainly used for traffic that follows US 13 south of Dover.

US 13 then intersects Bay Road, formerly US 113 until it was truncated to Milford in 2004, near the State Capitol Complex. After that intersection comes DE 8 and after that, US 13 reconnects with US 13 Alternate near Dover International Speedway and Dover Downs. US 13 then continues through commercial North Dover passing Delaware State University and Dover Mall. At the north end of Dover, US 13 features an interchange with DE 1.

Past Dover, US 13 continues north to Cheswold and intersects DE 42. It then moves on northward to Smyrna, where it interchanges with DE 1 on the southern edge of town. The highway forms a short concurrency with DE 6 in the center of town before that routes splits to the west along with DE 300 in the northern part of town.

New Castle County[edit]

Northbound US 13 past DE 896

US 13 then enters Delaware's most populous county, New Castle County. It heads north from Smyrna, interchanging with DE 1 again near a rest area. Farther north, the highway intersects DE 71 near Townsend. It heads north to the town of Odessa, where it intersects DE 299. US 13 then continues into farmland that is becoming built up as the Wilmington area pushes southward. It meets DE 896 in Boyds Corner. US 13 then reaches the St. Georges Bridge, which carries it over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Just south of the bridge, US 13 features right-in/right-out connections to DE 1, which crosses the canal on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Bridge.

North of the St. Georges Bridge, US 13 enters a more urban atmosphere. It meets DE 72 near Delaware City. US 13 turns west on DE 72 for a brief time and then follows the DE 1 turnpike to Tybouts Corner. The construction of DE 1 displaced a section of the original US 13, with a segment becoming partly abandoned with the northbound lanes closed and the southbound lanes converted to a two-lane frontage road and the southernmost segment becoming a southward extension of DE 7.

US 13 splits from DE 1 in Tybouts Corner. It intersects DE 71 for a second time at the DE 1 interchange. US 13 continues north through suburban development and meets US 40 in State Road. The two highways share a concurrency up to the Interstate 295 (I-295) interchange in Wilmington Manor, where US 40 heads east on I-295 towards the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Along this concurrency, US 40 is only mentioned along signs on cross roads and on overhead guide signs, with reassurance markers only mentioning US 13. The US 13/US 40 concurrency intersects DE 273 in Hares Corner and then it passes by the Wilmington-Philadelphia Regional Airport. At the north end of the airport, there is an interchange with US 202 and DE 141. US 13/US 40 continue concurrent through Wilmington Manor until US 40 turns east onto I-295.

Southbound US 13 approaching the interchange with I-295 and US 40 in Wilmington Manor.

North of I-295, US 13 continues north to an interchange with I-495 just south of the city limits of Delaware's largest city, Wilmington. Just north of the I-495 interchange, US 13 Business splits off from US 13 and passes through the heart of Wilmington while US 13 bypasses the city to the east. Then, it enters Wilmington on Heald Street. Just south of the Christina River, US 13 meets DE 9 (New Castle Avenue). DE 9 follows US 13 over the Christina River on a drawbridge and then heads toward downtown Wilmington on Fourth Street. US 13 turns north on the one-way pair of Church Street northbound and Spruce Street southbound. Just south of the Brandywine Creek, US 13 becomes two-way Northeast Boulevard and continues northeast out of Wilmington.

US 13 then continues to Edgemoor, where it meets DE 3, which provides access to I-495. US 13 takes on the name Governor Printz Boulevard, and closely parallels I-495, the Amtrak Northeast Corridor, and the Delaware River north to Claymont. When US 13 reaches Claymont, it turns away from the Delaware River and intersects US 13 Business again. The mainline then heads north on Philadelphia Pike and features another interchange with I-495. It then continues north through an industrial environment and intersects DE 92 near the Pennsylvania state line. US 13 then continues north into Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, where it passes through a large Sunoco refinery.


Plans for the Dupont Highway spanning the south–north length of Delaware existed as early as 1908 when Thomas Coleman du Pont envisoned a divided highway with trolley lines and separate paths for horse-drawn vehicles.[2][3] However, only a two-lane road was completed in 1924.[2][3] In 1933, the Dupont Highway was widened into a divided highway between Wilmington and Dover, and it became the first such highway in the world.[2][3] US 13 would utilize this highway between Wilmington and Dover with US 113 following the Dupont Highway between Dover and the Maryland border.

US 13 was designated in Delaware in 1926 with the creation of the U.S. Highway System. The original routing ran from the Maryland border in Delmar north to Dover. It then continued north, following the Dupont Highway between Dover and Wilmington, Market Street through Wilmington, and the Philadelphia Pike between Wilmington and the Pennsylvania state line.

Throughout the 20th century, several changes have been made to US 13. The St George's Bridge, which carries US 13 across the C&D Canal, opened in 1942.[3] In the 1950s, dualized bypasses of Dover and the corridor from north of Seaford to the Maryland border in Delmar were built. By the 1960s, the remainder of US 13 between Dover and the Maryland border was dualized. In the 1970s, US 13 was rerouted to bypass Wilmington, replacing a US 13 Alternate that was built in 1940. The original alignment of US 13 through Wilmington became US 13 Business.

Toward the second half of the 20th century, traffic volumes on US 13 between Wilmington and Dover became a headache from beach traffic in the summer months as well as from through traffic in general. In the 1950s, plans were made for a bypass from Dover to Frederica, and in the 1960s, plans were made for a westerly bypass of Dover.[4] Nothing came from these plans. In the 1970s, plans were made for a turnpike between Wilmington and Dover. This road would be built between 1991 and 2003 as the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway (DE 1). The Puncheon Run Connector, was built in 2001 to provide a connection between the DE 1 turnpike and US 13, is mainly used by through traffic following US 13 to points south of Dover.

The construction of DE 1 resulted in a few changes to US 13. The construction of the Smyrna–Odessa segment resulted in a realignment of US 13 south of Odessa. The route was moved a bit to the east of its original alignment in order to make room for DE 1. The southbound lanes would become a two-lane frontage road called Harris Road from just south of the Appoquinimink River to Noxontown Road with a new two-lane road being built between Noxontown Road and Pine Tree Corner Road. Another segment of US 13 was displaced near Red Lion with the construction of a segment of DE 1 that was completed in 1995. The segment of highway north of the DE 7 intersection was cut off by the new highway. The northbound lanes were abandoned, and the southbound lanes became a two-lane road. US 13 was realigned to follow DE 1 between the DE 72 interchange and Tybouts Corner, and DE 7 was extended south on the former alignment of US 13 between the partly abandoned segment and DE 72. The construction of this segment of DE 1, which included the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Bridge, prompted for a planned demolition of the 50-year-old St. Georges Bridge, which carries US 13 across the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. However, residents of St. Georges opposed the demolition because it would cut their town in half. Instead, the bridge was rehabilitated. Between 1995 and 1998, a temporary US 13 Bypass followed DE 1 across the new Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Bridge.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Sussex Delmar 0.00 0.00 US 13 south (Ocean Highway) – Salisbury
DE / MD 54 (Maryland Delaware Line Road) – Delmar
Maryland state line
  3.21 5.17 DE 30 (Dorothy Road/Whitesville Road)
Laurel 6.88 11.07 DE 24 (East Market Street/Laurel Road) – Laurel, Millsboro, Trap Pond State Park
8.01 12.89 US 9 east (County Seat Highway) – Georgetown, Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Beaches
Blades 13.20 21.24 DE 20 east (Concord Road) – Georgetown, Millsboro, Fenwick Island South end of DE 20 concurrency
Seaford 14.04 22.60 DE 20 west (Norman Eskridge Highway) – Seaford North end of DE 20 concurrency
Cannon 17.30 27.84 DE 18 (Cannon Road) – Cannon, Federalsburg, Georgetown
Bridgeville 18.92 30.45
US 13 Bus. north / DE 404 Bus. west (South Main Street) / DE 404 east (Seashore Highway) – Bridgeville, Georgetown, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach
South end of DE 404 concurrency

US 13 Bus. south (North Main Street) – Bridgeville
DE 404 west (Newton Road) – Denton, Bay Bridge North end of DE 404 concurrency
Greenwood 24.70 39.75 DE 16 / DE 36 (Market Street/Beach Highway) – Denton, Greenwood, Milton
Kent Harrington
DE 14 Truck west (Tower Hill Road)
South end of DE 14 Truck concurrency
32.92 52.98 DE 14 (Clark Street/Milford Harrington Highway) – Denton, Harrington, Houston, Milford North end of DE 14 Truck concurrency
Felton 38.68 62.25 DE 12 (East Main Street/Midstate Road) – Felton, Greensboro, Frederica
Canterbury 41.42 66.66
US 13 Alt. north / DE 15 (Upper King Road/Canterbury Road) – Woodside, Camden, Canterbury, Milford
Brief concurrency with DE 15
DE 10 Alt. (Walnut Shade Road) – Woodside, Rising Sun
Camden 46.25 74.43 DE 10 (East Camden Wyoming Avenue/West Lebanon Road) – Camden, Wyoming, Rising Sun, Dover Air Force Base
46.93 75.53
US 13 Alt. south (Old Camden Road) – Camden, Wyoming
Rodney Village 47.28 76.09
US 13 Alt. north (South Governors Avenue)
Dover 47.85 77.01
To DE 1 north to I‑95 (via Puncheon Run Connector) – Wilmington, Delaware Memorial Bridge
49.86 80.24 To DE 1 (Bay Road south) – Dover Air Force Base, Beaches Former US 113
50.16 80.72 DE 8 (East Division Street) – Bay Bridge, Little Creek
51.61 83.06
US 13 Alt. south (North State Street)

To DE 1 (Scarborough Road) – Wilmington, Beaches
Cheswold 55.57 89.43 DE 42 (Main Street/Fast Landing Road) – Cheswold, Kenton, Leipsic
DE 1 – Dover, Beaches, Wilmington
61.36 98.75 DE 6 east (East Commerce Street) South end of DE 6 concurrency
61.65 99.22 DE 6 west / DE 300 west (East Glenwood Avenue) North end of DE 6 concurrency
New Castle 64.18 103.29
DE 1 – Dover, Beaches, Wilmington, Middletown
Townsend 67.65 108.87 DE 71 north (Summit Bridge Road) – Townsend, Middletown
Odessa 72.97 117.43
DE 299 (Main Street) to DE 1 – Middletown
Boyds Corner 76.12 122.50 DE 896 north (Boyds Corner Road) – Mt. Pleasant, Glasgow, Baltimore, Annapolis

To DE 1 (Pole Bridge Road) – Wilmington, Dover, Beaches
St. Georges DE 1 north to I‑95 – Wilmington, Philadelphia RIRO interchange
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal St. Georges Bridge
Wrangle Hill 81.65 131.40 DE 7 north (Dupont Parkway)
DE 72 east (Wrangle Hill Road) – Delaware City
South end of DE 72 concurrency
81.87 131.76 DE 1 south – Dover, Beaches
DE 72 west (Wrangle Hill Road) – Newark
Interchange; north end of DE 72 concurrency, south end of DE 1 concurrency
Tybouts Corner 84.06 135.28 DE 1 north to I‑95 – Wilmington Interchange; north end of DE 1 concurrency
84.70 136.31 DE 71 south (Red Lion Road) – Lums Pond State Park

DE 9 Truck south (Hamburg Road)
South end of DE 9 Truck concurrency
State Road 87.54 140.88 US 40 west (Pulaski Highway) – Glasgow, Baltimore South end of US 40 concurrency
Hares Corner 88.58 142.56
DE 273 / DE 9 Truck north (Christiana Road/Frenchtown Road) – Christiana, Newark, New Castle
North end of DE 9 Truck concurrency
Wilmington Manor 89.81 144.54 US 202 north / DE 141 – New Castle, Newport Interchange
91.10 146.61 I‑295 east / US 40 east to NJ Tpk. – Delaware Memorial Bridge, New JerseyNew York Interchange; north end of US 40 concurrency
91.10 146.61 To I‑95 / I‑495 – Philadelphia, Baltimore Interchange
Minquadale 92.92 149.54 I‑495 north – Port of Wilmington, Philadelphia Interchange, no ramp from I-495 northbound to US 13 southbound or from US 13 to I-495 southbound; there is a ramp from US 13 Business southbound to I-495 southbound.
Wilmington 92.97 149.62
US 13 Bus. north (South Walnut Street) – Wilmington
94.22 151.63 DE 9 south (New Castle Avenue) – New Castle South end of DE 9 concurrency
94.42 151.95 DE 9A south (Christiana Avenue)
94.72 152.44 DE 9 north (East 4th Street) North end of DE 9 concurrency
Edgemoor 97.22 156.46 DE 3 (Edgemoor Road) to I‑495
Claymont 101.67 163.62
US 13 Bus. south (Philadelphia Pike)
102.26 164.57 I‑495 to I‑95 north – Delaware Memorial Bridge, Port of Wilmington, Baltimore, Chester, Philadelphia Interchange
102.91 165.62 DE 92 west (Naamans Road) to I‑95
103.33 166.29 US 13 north (Post Road) Pennsylvania state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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