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U.S. Route 321 marker

U.S. Route 321
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 21
Length: 516.9 mi[1][2][3] (831.9 km)
Existed: 1931 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 17 in Hardeeville, SC
  I-26 in Cayce, SC
I-20 in Columbia, SC
I-85 in Gastonia, NC
I-40 in Hickory, NC
I-26 / US-19W / US-23 in Johnson City, TN
I-40 in Newport, TN
I-75 in Lenoir City, TN
South end: I-40 / SR-73 / SR-95 near Lenoir City, TN
Highway system

SC 319 SC SC 322
US 311 NC NC 343
SR-320 TN SR-321

U.S. Route 321 is a spur of U.S. Route 21. It runs for 516.9 miles (831.9 km) from South Carolina to Tennessee. With its northern terminus located in Elizabethton, Tennessee, it has two southern terminus at Hardeeville, South Carolina and Lenoir City, Tennessee. The highway serves different roles in each state: An alternate route to interstates in South Carolina, a major highway in North Carolina, and a scenic route in Tennessee.

Because of its unusual "north–south–north" routing, U.S. Route 321 intersects both Interstate 40 and U.S. Route 70 three separate times.

Route description[edit]

South Carolina[edit]

U.S. 321 provides direct access between Savannah and Columbia, serving as an alternate to Interstate 95 and Interstate 26. Starting in Hardeeville, U.S. 321 as a mostly 2 lane highway goes through sparsely populated areas and small towns including Estill, Fairfax, and Denmark, heading in a rather straight and northward direction into the Columbia area, widening to a 5 lane highway right after Neeses, then narrowing down to a 2 lane highway right after the town of North and widening to a 5 lane highway again after Swansea and staying that way until it merges with its parent route U.S. 21 in Dixiana. In Columbia, the route stays concurrent with U.S. 21 through Cayce, over the Congaree River on the Blossom Street Bridge, turning left onto Huger Street, right onto Elmwood Avenue, and left onto North Main Street. The roads separate at Hyatt Park, with U.S. 321 staying west of Interstate 77 and U.S. 21 north of Columbia. The route goes through to communities of Winnsboro, Chester, York, and Clover before entering North Carolina at Bowling Green.

North Carolina[edit]

U.S. 321 is an important route in Western North Carolina. It provides an alternative north–south route to Interstate 77, which passes through a busy metropolitan area, and US 221, which is more twisty drive up the Appalachians. Travelers from South Carolina who are going to points west of Charlotte and want to avoid the traffic of I-77 may choose to enter the state on U.S. 321.

The highway traverses through seven counties: Gaston, Lincoln, Catawba, Burke, Caldwell, Watauga, and Avery. U.S. 321 has six control cities: Gastonia, Lincolnton, Hickory, Lenoir, Blowing Rock, and Boone.

U.S. 321 is a multilane highway beginning at the state line. After 7 miles (11 km), it enters the Gastonia area. Traffic on northbound 321 through Gastonia is generally not as heavy as traffic on southbound 321 north of Interstate 85, where it may back up for a couple of miles as drivers wait to turn onto I-85.

  mi km
SC 217.2 349.5
NC 105.5 169.8
TN 194.2 312.5
Total 516.9 831.8

The road becomes a freeway at C. Grier Beam Boulevard in Gastonia, just south of NC 275/NC 279. It remains a freeway until just north of its junction with US 70 in Hickory. The freeway bypasses a number of cities that mainline U.S. 321 once passed through. Today, U.S. 321 Business follows the original 38 miles (61 km) route, that serves Maiden, Newton, and Conover; but the freeway is a more direct route to the mountains, and the business route is generally used by local traffic only.

Traffic is usually heavy between Hickory and Lenoir. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has a long-term plan to widen the road to six lanes, which is estimated to be completed by 2015. However, the project will probably take considerally longer. The first stage of the project (NCDOT project B-4450), replacing the bridge over the Catawba River, was previously estimated to be completed by 2011. However, the NCDOT project page shows that right-of-way acquisition will not begin until 2012.[4]

North of Lenoir, U.S. 321 is a four-lane divided highway. Currently the highway becomes a two-lane road again in northern Caldwell County. NCDOT project R-2237 will widen the road the four lanes through Blowing Rock.[5] The widening of U.S. 321 through Blowing Rock has been a controversial project. Many residents of the town feel that a four-lane highway will destroy the character of the small town, and they proposed several bypass alternatives. NCDOT has selected the widening as its preferred alternative, but added several features such as underground utilities, sidewalks, landscaping, and rock walls to make the widening more palatable to the residents who are opposed to it.[6] These features are not present on the two-lane highway that is being replaced.

North of Blowing Rock, U.S. 321 is already a four-lane highway up to King Street in Boone; thus, R-2237 will make 321 a four-lane highway from the South Carolina state line to downtown Boone. Currently, U.S. 321 meets US 421 at King Street and overlaps it over King Street to leave town to the west. NCDOT project R-2615 is proposed to widen the U.S. 321/421 concurrency from this junction to their junction near Vilas, although this project is currently unfunded.[7] There is a feasibility study (FS-0511A) in progress to examine the possibility of widening U.S. 321 from the junction near Vilas to the Tennessee state line. If both of these projects were completed, then U.S. 321 would be a four-lane highway through the entire state.


U.S. 321 in Parrottsville, Tennessee, facing south

U.S. 321 "changes direction" in Elizabethton: the road is designated as southbound in both directions driving away from its intersection with US 19E.[8] It is conterminous with US 11E through portions of Washington and Greene counties. In Greeneville, the highway continues south into Cocke County. At the Cocke-Greene County line US-321 becomes a four-laned divided highway and bypasses Parrottsville the route formerly was very curvy leading into Parrottsville and Newport, the four-lane section ends just before US-321's junction with TN-160 and crossing I-40 at Newport. The stretch of US 321 from Newport south to Cosby and southwest through Pittman Center to Gatlinburg parallels the northern boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is quite scenic. From a point between Newport and Cosby to the intersection with the Little River Road, it is concurrent with TN 73. In Pigeon Forge, concurrent with U.S. Route 441/Great Smoky Mountains Parkway, US 321 is a divided, multi-lane traffic-laden thoroughfare where it serves as the city's main route, lined with hotels, outlet malls and amusement facilities. Veering southwest of Pigeon Forge, the highway takes on a more rural character, and narrows down to 2 lanes as it traverses Wears Valley until its junction with TN-73 Scenic (the Little River Road) at the Townsend entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is concurrent with Tennessee 73 from this junction to its terminus. With the exception of a 3-mile (4.8 km) section between Townsend and Maryville, the remaining portions of the highway through Blount County are a minimum of 4 lanes and usually a divided highway until it reaches Fort Loudon Dam in Loudon County where it crosses the Tennessee River at just south of Lenoir City, and has a wrong-way concurrency with Tennessee State Route 95 from a point several miles south of Lenoir City to its terminus at I-40.

Current plans call for a new bridge crossing over Fort Loudoun Lake and Fort Loudoun Dam along with widening of 1.4 miles (2.3 km) of related highway, with construction underway.[citation needed] Though sections of the highway are already four-laned, remaining portions through Loudon County will also be widened as part of the project, meaning the highway would be a four-lane semi-divided thoroughfare from Interstate 40 and Interstate 75 to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, except for the 3-mile (4.8 km) stretch near Walland, TN.



In addition to the widening project, there have also been talks of a freeway-to-freeway connection with Interstate 85 in Gastonia that would greatly relieve traffic flowing through the junction. Currently, U.S. 321 is a surface road while passing through the interchange, but shortly becomes a freeway north of there. However, in order to extend the freeway to I-85, the few remaining at-grade intersections and traffic lights would have to be eliminated. An interchange is planned for the proposed Garden Parkway, which would terminate at the freeway section of U.S. 321 near Dallas.

Junction list[edit]

State County Location Mile
km Destinations Notes
South Carolina Jasper Hardeeville 0.0 0.0 US 17 (Whyte Hardee Boulevard) – Ridgeland, Savannah
0.5 0.8 SC 46 east (Church Road) To Millstone Landing
Tillman 12.5 20.1 SC 336 east (Tillman Road) – Ridgeland
Tarboro 19.8 31.9 US 601 north (Cypress Branch Road) – Hampton
Robertville 22.6 36.4 SC 462 (Gillson Branch Road) – Pineland
Hampton Garnett 25.6 41.2 SC 119 south (Clyo Road) – Clyo, Springfield
Scotia 30.7 49.4 SC 333 (Scotia-Furman Highway) – Furman
Estill 35.8 57.6 SC 3 south (Third Street) – Lena South end of SC 3 overlap
36.0 57.9 SC 3 north (Nixville Road) – Barnwell North end of SC 3 overlap
  40.4 65.0 SC 363 east (Luray Highway) – Hampton To Lake Warren State Park
Allendale Fairfax 49.9 80.3 US 278 (Allendale-Hampton Highway) – Allendale, Hampton
Sycamore 55.6 89.5 SC 641 (Confederate Highway) – Allendale
Ulmer 59.9 96.4 US 301 south (Burton's Ferry Highway) – Allendale South end of US 301 overlap
Bamberg   61.9 99.6 US 301 north (Main Highway) – Bamberg North end of US 301 overlap
Olar 66.5 107.0 SC 64 (Low Country Road) – Barnwell
Denmark 76.6 123.3 SC 70 south (Hagood Street) – Barnwell South end of SC 70 overlap
  76.9 123.8 US 78 (Heritage Highway) – Bamberg, Blackville
  77.3 124.4 SC 70 north (Country Club Road) – Orangeburg North end of SC 70 overlap
Orangeburg Norway 85.3 137.3 SC 332 east (Cope Road) – Cope East end of SC 332 overlap
85.6 137.8 SC 332 west / SC 400 east (Norway Road) – Springfield, Orangeburg West end of SC 332 overlap
Neeses 90.9 146.3 SC 4 (Neeses Highway) – Springfield, Orangeburg
91.4 147.1 SC 389 west (Ninety Six Road) – Perry, Wagener
North 97.3 156.6 US 178 (North Highway) – Pelion, Orangeburg
Lexington Swansea 105.1 169.1 SC 3 south (Whetstone Road) – Springfield, Blackville, Barnwell
105.9 170.4 SC 692 south (Fifth Street) – Orangeburg To Swansea High Football Stadium
106.1 170.8 SC 6 west (Second Street) – Lexington West end of SC 6 overlap
106.2 170.9 SC 6 east (First Street) – St. Matthews East end of SC 6 overlap
  117.7 189.4 US 21 south / US 176 east (Charleston Highway) – Orangeburg South end of US 21 and east end of US 176 overlap
Cayce 120.2 193.4 To I-77 north / Fish Hatchery Road – Charlotte
120.6 194.1 I-26 – Charleston, Spartanburg
121.8 196.0 SC 2 north (Frink Road)
West Columbia 123.3 198.4 SC 302 south (Airport Boulevard) – Aiken, Columbia Metropolitan Airport
125.0 201.2 SC 2 (State Street)
Richland Columbia 126.5 203.6 US 1 / US 378 (Gervais Street) To South Carolina State House
126.8 204.1 SC 12 (Hampton/Tylor Streets) To Finlay Park and Columbia Museum of Art
127.4 205.0 I-126 west / US 76 west – Greenville, Spartanburg West end of US 76 overlap
128.0 206.0 US 76 east (Elmwood Avenue) East end of US 76 overlap
128.6 207.0 US 176 west (River Drive) West end of US 176 overlap
129.2 207.9 SC 16 (Sunset Drive)
129.8 208.9 SC 215 north (Montichello Road) To Columbia International University
130.8 210.5 US 21 north (Main Street) North end of US 21 overlap; Columbia College at intersection
132.2 212.8 I-20 – Florence, Augusta
Fairfield   151.2 243.3 SC 269 south (Hinnants Store Road)
Winnsboro Mills 152.4 245.3 SC 34 east – Ridgeway East end of SC 34 overlap; to South Carolina Railroad Museum
152.7 245.7
US 321 Bus. north (Columbia Road) / SC 213 west (Monjicono Road) – Monticello
Winnsboro 156.1 251.2 SC 34 west (Newberry Road) / SC 200 east – Newberry, Great Falls West end of SC 34 overlap
156.9 252.5
US 321 Bus. south (Congress Street)
Chester Chester 178.8 287.8 SC 97 south (Great Falls Road) – Great Falls, Camden South end of SC 97 overlap
179.4 288.7
US 321 Bus. north (Columbia Road)
SC 9 south / SC 72 east / SC 97 north / SC 121 north (J.A. Cochran Bypass)
South end of SC 9, east end of SC 72, and north end of SC 97/SC 121 overlap
181.2 291.6 SC 72 west / SC 121 south (West End Road) – Carlisle, Whitmire West end of SC 72 and south end of SC 121 overlap
182.0 292.9
SC 9 Bus south (Pinckney Street)
182.3 293.4 SC 9 north (Pinckney Street) – Lockhart North end of SC 9 overlap
184.2 296.4
US 321 Bus. south / SC 97 (Center Road) – Hickory Grove
Lowrys 189.7 305.3 SC 909 south (Old York Road) – Lewis
York McConnells 194.2 312.5 SC 322 west (Church Street) West end of SC 322 overlap
194.3 312.7 SC 322 east (McConnells Highway) – Rock Hill West end of SC 322 overlap; to Historic Brattonsville
York 203.3 327.2
US 321 Bus. (Congress Street)
203.7 327.8 SC 49 (Sharon Road) – Sharon, Union
204.5 329.1
SC 5 Bus / SC 161 Bus south (Liberty Street) – Blacksburg
South end of SC 161 Bus overlap
205.7 331.0
US 321 Bus. (Kings Mountain Street)
205.9 331.4 SC 5 / SC 161 south (Alexander Love Highway) – Blacksburg South end of SC 161 and north end of SC 161 Bus overlap
Filbert 207.5 333.9 SC 161 north – Bethany North end of SC 161 overlap
Clover 213.4 343.4 SC 55 (Kings Mountain/Bethel Streets) – Lake Wylie, Blacksburg
South Carolina–North Carolina state line
North Carolina Gaston Gastonia 7.3 11.7 Garrison Boulevard
7.9 12.7 US 29 / US 74 (Franklin Boulevard)
8.1 13.0 NC 7 east (Long Avenue)
9.4 15.1 I-85 – Charlotte, Spartanburg
Dallas 9.4 15.1 Grier Beem Boulevard – Gaston College
11.7 18.8
US 321 Bus. north / NC 275 / NC 279 (Dallas-Cherryville Highway) – Cherryville
  16.1 25.9 Hardin Road
Lincoln   18.8 30.3
US 321 Bus. (Gastonia Highway) – High Shoals, Lincolnton
Signed exit 20
Lincolnton 23.6 38.0 NC 27 / NC 150 (Main Street) – Lincolnton Signed exit 24
  27.0 43.5
US 321 Bus. (Maiden Highway) – Maiden
Signed exit 28
Catawba Maiden 32.3 52.0 Startown Road Signed exit 33
  36.2 58.3 NC 10 – Newton Signed exit 37
  40.1 64.5 River Road Signed exit 41
Mountain View 41.4 66.6 NC 127 (Brookford Boulevard) Signed exit 42
Hickory 42.3 68.1 I-40 – Statesville, Asheville Signed exits 43A (east) and 43B (west)
43.3 69.7
US 70 / US 321 Bus. south to NC 127 (Conover Boulevard) – Hickory
Signed exit 44
45.3 72.9 Clement Boulevard – Hickory Regional Airport
No major junctions
Caldwell Northlakes 47.9 77.1 US 321A north – Granite Falls
Granite Falls 50.1 80.6 Falls Avenue – Granite Falls
Lenoir 56.8 91.4 Southwest Boulevard – Morganton
59.1 95.1 US 321A south – Hudson
60.1 96.7 US 64 / NC 18 / NC 90 east – Wilkesboro East end of NC 90 overlap
62.3 100.3 NC 90 west (Main Street) – Collettsville West end of NC 90 overlap
  65.9 106.1 NC 268 east – Fort Defiance
Watauga Blowing Rock 79.4 127.8
US 321 Bus. north (Main Street)
80.6 129.7
US 221 south / US 321 Bus. south
South end of US 221 overlap
81.4 131.0 Blue Ridge Parkway To Moses H. Cone Memorial Park and Julian Price Memorial Park
Boone 87.0 140.0 US 221 north / NC 105 – Linville, Banner Elk, Newland North end of US 221 overlap
87.9 141.5 US 421 south / NC 194 north (King Street) South end of US 421 and north end of NC 194 overlap
Vilas 93.6 150.6 NC 194 south – Valle Crucis South end of NC 194 overlap
Sugar Grove 94.3 151.8 US 421 north – Mountain City North end of US 421 overlap
No major junctions
North Carolina–Tennessee state line
Tennessee Carter   12.5 20.1 SR-67 east – Mountain City East end of SR-67 and west end of SR-159 (hidden) overlap
Hampton 12.5 20.1 US-19E / SR-37 south – Roan Mountain South end of US-19E and SR-37 (hidden) overlap
Elizabethton 27.2 43.8 US-19E / SR-37 / SR-91 north – Bluff City North end of US-19E/SR-37 (hidden)/SR-91 overlap
US-321 northbound end/US-321 southbound begin
28.0 45.1 SR-400 south – Piney Flats
31.3 50.4 SR-91 / SR-362 south South end of SR-91 overlap
Milligan College 31.9 51.3 SR-359 south – Milligan College
Washington Johnson City 35.3 56.8 Legion Street/Milligan Highway
35.8 57.6 I-26 / US-19W / US-23 / SR-36 – Erwin, Kingsport
36.7 59.1 SR-67 west / SR-381 (Cherokee Road) West end of SR-67 and south end of SR-381 overlap
39.5 63.6 US-11E / SR-34 north (Market Street) / SR-381 north (State of Franklin Road) North end of US-11E/SR-34 (hidden)/SR-381 overlap
Jonesborough 44.3 71.3 SR-354 (Boones Creek Road)
  54.4 87.5 SR-75 north (Opie Arnold Road)
Greene   58.0 93.3 SR-351 / Chuckey Pike – Chuckey
Tusculum 62.6 100.7 SR-107 east (Tusculum Bypass) – Erwin East end of SR-107 (hidden) overlap
Greeneville 65.2 104.9
US-11E Bus. south / SR-107 west (Tusculum Boulevard)
West end of SR-107 (hidden) overlap
66.0 106.2 Snapps Ferry Road
67.1 108.0 SR-93 north (Kingsport Highway) – Kingsport
US-11E / SR-34 south (Andrew Johnson Highway) – Morristown
South end of US-11E/SR-34 (hidden) and north end of SR-35 (hidden) overlap
68.0 109.4
US-11E Bus. north / SR-107 east (Tusculum Boulevard)
North end of US-11E Bus and east end of SR-107 (hidden) overlap
68.4 110.1
US-11E Bus. south / SR-350 north (Summer Street)
South end of US-11E Bus and north end of SR-350 (hidden) overlap
68.5 110.2 SR-350 south (McKee Street) South end of SR-350 (hidden) overlap
69.5 111.8 SR-70 / SR-107 west (Asheville Highway) West end of SR-107 (hidden) overlap
71.3 114.7 SR-349 west (Warrensburg Road)
Cocke Parrottsville 87.3 140.5 SR-340 – Parrottsville, Del Rio
  91.6 147.4 SR-160 north – Bybee
Newport 93.7 150.8 US-25 south / US-70 / SR-9 east (Broadway Street) South end of US-25 and east end of US-70/SR-9 (hidden) overlap
94.0 151.3 US-25 north / US-70 west
SR-9 west / SR-32 north / SR-35 south
North end of US-25 and west end of US-70 overlap
West end of SR-9 (hidden), north end of SR-32 and south end of SR-35 (hidden) overlap
95.5 153.7 I-40 – Knoxville, Asheville
  101.1 162.7 SR-73 north (Wilton Springs Road) North end of SR-73 (hidden) overlap
  106.0 170.6 SR-339 west (Jones Cove Road)
  106.2 170.9 Foothills Parkway
Cosby 108.0 173.8 SR-32 south South end of SR-32 overlap
Sevier Pittman Center 119.9 193.0 SR-416 north
  120.8 194.4 SR-454 north
Gatlinburg 126.1 202.9 US-441 / SR-71 south – Great Smoky Mountains National Park South end of US-441/SR-71 (hidden) overlap
  127.2 204.7 Gatlinburg Parkway Bypass – Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Pigeon Forge 134.5 216.5 US-441 / SR-71 north – Sevierville North end of US-441/SR-71 (hidden) overlap
Wears Valley Foothills Parkway Future interchange
Blount Townsend 149.4 240.4 SR-73 Scenic / SR-337 east – Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Walland 156.8 252.3 Foothills Parkway
Maryville 166.7 268.3 SR-447 north (Washington Street) to US-411 north
167.4 269.4 SR-336 south (Montvale Road)
167.6 269.7 US-411 / SR-33 (Broadway Avenue) – Rockford, Madisonville
168.7 271.5 US-129 / SR-115 – Alcoa, Knoxville
171.0 275.2 SR-335 north (Old Glory Road) North end of SR-335 overlap
171.6 276.2 SR-335 south (William Blount Drive) South end of SR-335 overlap
Friendsville 176.1 283.4 SR-333 north (Main Avenue)
Loudon   181.4 291.9 SR-95 south (Lenoir City Road) – Greenback South end of SR-95 (hidden) overlap
  185.0 297.7 SR-444 west (Tellico Parkway) – Tellico Village
Lenoir City 186.8 300.6 US-11 / SR-2 (Broadway Street) – Knoxville, Loudon, Farragut
189.5 305.0 I-75 – Knoxville, Chattanooga
190.3 306.3 US-70 / SR-1 (Kingston Pike) – Knoxville, Kingston
194.2 312.5 I-40 / SR-95 north – Knoxville, Nashville West end of SR-73 (hidden) and north end of SR-95 (hidden) overlap
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

Winnsboro business loop[edit]

U.S. Route 321 Business
Location: Winnsboro, South Carolina
Length: 4.2 mi[9] (6.8 km)
Existed: 1952–present

U.S. Route 321 Business (US 321 Bus) was established around 1951 or 1952, when mainline US 321 was rerouted west, bypassing Winnsboro. US 321 Bus traverses through Winnsboro Mills, via Columbia Road, and downtown Winnsboro, via Congress Street.

Chester business loop[edit]

U.S. Route 321 Business
Location: Chester, South Carolina
Length: 3.7 mi[10] (6.0 km)
Existed: 1964–present

U.S. Route 321 Business (US 321 Bus) was established between 1962-1964, when mainline US 321 was rerouted west, bypassing Chester. US 321 Bus traverses through downtown Chester, via Columbia Street and Center Road.

York business loop[edit]

U.S. Route 321 Business
Location: York, South Carolina
Length: 2.5 mi[11] (4.0 km)
Existed: 1958–present

U.S. Route 321 Business (US 321 Bus) was established around 1957-1958, when mainline US 321 was rerouted west, bypassing York. US 321 Bus traverses through downtown York, via Congress Street and Kings Mountain Street.

Dallas–Hickory business loop[edit]

U.S. Route 321 Business
Location: DallasHickory, NC
Length: 37.2 mi[12] (59.9 km)
Existed: 1999–present

U.S. Route 321 Business (US 321 Bus) was established in June, 1999, as a renumbering all of NC 155 and part of mainline US 321 in Catawba County. Traversing 37.2 miles (59.9 km) through Gaston, Lincoln and Catawba counties, it connects the cities and towns of Dallas, High Shoals, Lincolnton, Maiden, Newton, Conover and Hickory. The highway follows the original US 321 routing through that existed prior to 1991.[13]

Lincolnton alternate route[edit]

U.S. Route 321A
Location: Lincolnton, North Carolina
Length: 3.4 mi[14] (5.5 km)
Existed: 1956–1960

U.S. Route 321 Alternate (US 321A) was established 1956 when mainline US 321 was placed on new bypass east of downtown Lincolnton. It traversed along Aspen Street and around the Lincoln County Civil Court on Court Square Drive. In 1960 it was decommissioned, with Aspen Street becoming secondary roads.

Granite Falls–Lenoir alternate route[edit]

U.S. Route 321A
Location: Granite FallsLenoir, NC
Length: 11.8 mi[15] (19.0 km)
Existed: 1948–present

U.S. Route 321 Alternate (US 321A) was established 1948 as a number swap with US 321 through downtown Lenoir. In 1957, US 321A was extended south, replacing mainline US 321 through Hudson and Granite Falls, ending at its current southern terminus north of the Catawba River. In June, 1964, US 321A was placed on one-way splits through downtown Lenoir; northbound continued along Mulberry Street and West Avenue, southbound rerouted along Main Street and College Avenue. In September, 2006, US 321A was rerouted to its current northern terminus, just south of downtown Lenoir, via McLean Drive. Its old alignment through downtown Lenoir was carried on by NC 90 until 2012, when it too was rerouted; the old alignment is now under city control.[16][17][18]

Traversing through Granite Falls, Sawmills, Hudson and part of Lenoir, US 321A has not changed much over the years. Predominantly a two-lane highway, it parallels a short line railroad and connects to several factories.

Lenoir alternate route[edit]

U.S. Route 321A
Location: Lenoir, North Carolina
Length: 5.9 mi[19] (9.5 km)
Existed: 1941–1948

U.S. Route 321 Alternate (US 321A) was established 1941 as a new alternate route bypassing Lenoir. In 1948, it was replaced by mainline US 321.

US 221/US 321 Bus. in Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock business loop[edit]

U.S. Route 321 Business
Location: Blowing Rock, North Carolina
Length: 2.0 mi[20] (3.2 km)
Existed: 1960–present

U.S. Route 321 Business (US 321 Bus) was established 1960 as an upgrade to secondary roads through downtown Blowing Rock; which were originally part of mainline US 321 until about 1954, when it was moved onto a new bypass east. The highway traverses along Main Street and shares a concurrency with US 221 for 0.8 miles (1.3 km) on its northern section.

US 221 Truck/US 321 Truck/US 421 Truck/NC 105 traveling concurrent through the Boone area

Boone truck route[edit]

U.S. Route 321 Truck
Location: Boone, North Carolina
Length: 4.0 mi[21] (6.4 km)

U.S. Route 321 Truck (US 321 Truck) redirects truckers traveling through the area to go south and around downtown Boone, via NC 105 and NC Highway 105 Bypass (SR-1107). The shares some overlap with US 221 Truck and complete overlap with US 421 Truck.

Greeneville truck route[edit]

U.S. Route 321 Truck
Location: Greeneville, Tennessee
Length: 3.6 mi (5.8 km)

U.S. Route 321 Truck Route (US-321 Truck Route) redirects truckers traveling south on US-321 around downtown. It shares a concurrency with US-11E and TN-70. The route begins at US-11E/US-321 and ends 3.6 miles (5.8 km) later at US-321/TN-70.

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