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This article is about the current U.S. Highway. For the current state highway, see Georgia State Route 341.

U.S. Route 341 marker

U.S. Route 341
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 41
Length: 226 mi[1] (364 km)
Existed: 1926 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 17 in Brunswick
  US 25 in Brunswick
I‑95 in Brunswick
US 25 / US 84 / US 301 in Jesup
US 1 in Baxley
US 23 / US 221 in Hazlehurst
US 280 / US 319 / US 441 in McRae
US 23 in Eastman

US 129 / US 129 Alt. in Hawkinsville
US 41 in Perry
I‑75 in Perry
US 80 in Knoxville
North end: US 41 in Barnesville
Counties: Glynn, Wayne, Appling, Jeff Davis, Telfair, Pulaski, Houston, Peach, Crawford, Monroe, Lamar
Highway system

U.S. Route 341 (US 341) is a spur of U.S. Route 41.

Route description[edit]

US 341 is a part of the National Highway System from its southern terminus in Brunswick north to SR 224 near Perry.[2]

Brunswick to Jesup[edit]

US 341 begins at an intersection with US 17 and SR 25 (Glynn Avenue) in the southeast corner of the city of Brunswick, a short distance north of the Sidney Lanier Bridge. US 341 and its state route companion, SR 27, head west along 4th Street, a four-lane undivided street. The highway turns north onto Newcastle Street and passes along the edge of the Port of Brunswick. Newcastle Street becomes two lanes at 1st Avenue; US 341 turns west onto Prince Street then north onto Bay Street, which becomes a four-lane divided highway immediately to the south of the intersection. The highway parallels Norfolk Southern Railway's Brunswick District north between downtown Brunswick to the east and an industrial area along the East River. At the north end of downtown, US 341 has an oblique intersection with US 25 (Newcastle Street), whose companion route is SR 25 Connector and which serves as a the main street of downtown Brunswick.[3][4]

US 341 and US 25 continue north along Newcastle Street as a four-lane highway with center turn lane out of the city of Brunswick. The highway has a partial interchange with Norwich Street and its name changes to Norwich Street Extended. US 341 and US 25 cross over the paralleling rail line and have a partial interchange with Ross Road and another road that parallels the railroad. In the unincorporated community of Dock Junction, the U.S. Highways intersect SR 303, which heads east as Community Road and west as Blythe Island Highway. Immediately to the south of the intersection is an acute intersection with SR 303 Connector, which serves as a cutoff between US 25 and US 341 and SR 303. The U.S. Highways continue as New Jesup Highway across Yellow Bluff Creek and expand to a six-lane divided highway ahead of their partial cloverleaf interchange with I-95. US 341 and US 25 become a four-lane highway with center turn lane again, intersect CSX's Brunswick Subdivision at grade, and intersect SR 32 and SR 99 in the hamlet of Sterling. SR 99 heads east as Grants Ferry Road; SR 32 and SR 99 head west as Harrell Highway.[3][4]

US 341 and US 25 closely parallel the Norfolk Southern rail line northwest from Glynn County into Wayne County and to the city of Jesup. The U.S. Highways enter the city as Cherry Street between their crossing of Penholoway Creek and their intersection with US 301 and SR 23; US 25 splits north to join US 301 toward Ludowici. Just north of the US 301 intersection, US 341 turns north onto Pine Street, a four-lane street with center turn lane that curves northwest and parallels Cherry Street through the city. The U.S. Highway crosses over CSX's Nahunta Subdivison between the Jesup Amtrak station and the orthogonal intersection of the CSX and Norfolk Southern lines. North of the CSX line, US 341 intersects US 84 (1st Street) and its companion SR 38. The route has an oblique intersection with SR 169 (Lanes Bridge Road) and collects the western end of Cherry Street as it leaves Jesup as Odum Highway. US 341 passes through the town of Odum as its Main Street and crosses to the north side of the Norfolk Southern rail line in an S curve at the Wayne–Appling county line.[3][4]

Jesup to Hawkinsville[edit]

US 341 continues west as Golden Isles Parkway. The highway intersects SR 121 (Still Street) in the town of Surrency and crosses Satilla Creek. US 341 meets US 1 (Main Street) and its companion SR 4 in the city of Baxley, through which US 341 follows Parker Street. US 341 continues northwest into Jeff Davis County and the city of Hazlehurst. The U.S. Highway enters along Jarman Street and intersects and runs concurrently with US 23 and its companion SR 19. Near the center of town, the U.S. Highways meet the northbound lanes of US 221 (Cromartie Street) and its companion SR 135. Northbound US 221 overlaps US 341 and US 23 as they curve onto Coffee Street and have an oblique intersection with Tallahassee Street, which heads south as the southbound lanes of US 221 and north with both directions of the U.S. Highway. US 341 and US 23 leave town as Lumber City Highway.[3][4]

US 341 and US 23 cross the Ocmulgee River just west of its confluence with the Little Ocmulgee River and enter Telfair County and Lumber City as Golden Isles Highway. Within the city, SR 19 splits northeast toward Glenwood and the U.S. Highways meet the eastern end of SR 117 (Main Street), then intersect at grade the Norfolk Southern rail line. US 341 and US 23 enter the town of McRae as Oak Street; east of downtown, the highways split into a one-way pair, Railroad Street northbound and Oak Street southbound. The streets intersect 3rd Avenue, which carries US 280, US 441, SR 30, and SR 31, before rejoining and entering the neighboring town of Helena, where US 341 and US 23 intersect a CSX rail line.[3][4]

US 341 and US 23 follow McRae Highway when they enter Dodge County. The highway has a pair of intersections with SR 165, Chauncey Dublin Highway and Chauncey Rhine Highway, as it passes through the town of Chauncey. On the southern edge of Eastman, US 23 and US 341 Business (College Street) continue straight parallel to the Norfolk Southern rail line toward the center of town while US 341 splits west to bypass the town. US 341 intersects SR 87 and SR 117 (Rhine Highway) south of town and meets the northern end of US 341 Business (Hawkinsville Highway) on the west side of town. US 341 becomes Eastman Highway and crosses Mosquito Creek as it enters Pulaski County and approaches the city of Hawkinsville.[3][4]

Hawkinsville to Barnesville[edit]

Just east of Hawkinsville, US 341 and SR 27 have a four-legged intersection with several highways. The south leg of the intersection is Lower River Road, which carries SR 230. The north leg of the intersection is Cochran Highway, which carries US 129 Alternate, SR 26, SR 112, and SR 257. The seven highways head west along Eastman Highway, whose carriageways split as they approach the Ocmulgee River. The westbound and eastbound roadways enter the city of Hawkinsville along Commerce Street and Broad Street, respectively. Immediately to the west of the river, all of the routes except SR 27 turn south from the westbound roadway onto a one-way street, which joins Broad Street as its westbound lanes. US 341 Business and SR 27 continue west from the turn along Commerce Street. The six-route concurrency continues to Jackson Street, where US 129 Alternate reaches its southern terminus. Jackson Street carries US 129, SR 11, and SR 129 to the south and US 129 Business and SR 11 Business to the north. US 341, US 129, SR 11, SR 27, SR 230, and SR 257 continue west along Broad Street; SR 27 and SR 257 split southwest onto McCormick Avenue at the west end of downtown.[3][4]

SR 230 continues west along Broad Street while US 341, US 129, and SR 11 turn north onto an unnamed street. The three highways intersect SR 26 (Commerce Street) and collect their three business routes on the northwestern edge of the city. As the highways leave the Hawkinsville area, US 129 and its companion SR 247 split northwest onto Warner Robins Highway; US 341 and SR 11 follow Perry Highway toward Houston County. At Hayneville, the highway meets the eastern end of SR 224 (Larry Walker Parkway), a four-lane divided highway that leads directly to I-75, while US 341 continues northwest toward Perry as a two-lane road. The highway crosses over a Norfolk Southern rail line at Clinchfield, then crosses Big Indian Creek and meets the southern end of SR 247 Spur. The U.S. Highway enters the city of Perry as Main Street. US 341 has an acute intersection with SR 127 (Houston Lake Road), with which the highway runs concurrently for five blocks. SR 11 diverges from US 341 onto Meeting Street to join US 41 to the north; two blocks to the west, US 341 turns north onto Ball Street and intersects US 41 and SR 7 (Commerce Street); the latter route becomes US 341's companion state highway. US 341 becomes a four-lane divided highway, Sam Nunn Boulevard, at the convergence of Ball Street and Washington Street and meets I-75 at a diamond interchange.[3][4]

Northwest of Perry, US 341 reduces to two lanes and closely parallels a Norfolk Southern rail line into Peach County. The highway enters the city of Fort Valley as Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Just east of downtown, US 341 turns onto Oakland Heights Parkway, which intersects a second Norfolk Southern rail line before meeting and becoming concurrent with SR 96 at an acute intersection. The U.S. Highway diverges from SR 96 (Vineville Street) at its intersection with SR 49 (Camellia Boulevard), then intersects a third Norfolk Southern rail line. US 341 intersects SR 49 Connector as it leaves Fort Valley shortly before entering Crawford County. The highway enters the town of Roberta along Dugger Avenue, which meets the eastern end of SR 128 (Agency Street). US 341 also intersects US 80 (Crusselle Street) and its companion SR 22. At the same intersection, US 341 becomes concurrent with SR 42, which follows US 80 east to the adjacent community of Knoxville. US 341 and SR 42 diverge at the hamlet of Musella. The U.S. Highway passes through the southwestern corner of Monroe County, where it meets SR 74 at a roundabout just north of the town of Culloden and SR 83 near the hamlet of Strouds. US 341 continues northwest into Lamar County and reaches its northern terminus at a three-legged intersection with US 41 and SR 18 on the southeastern edge of Barnesville. SR 7 continues north from the intersection with US 41 and SR 18 toward the center of town.[3][4]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Glynn Brunswick 0.00 0.00 US 17 / SR 25 – St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island Southern terminus; south end of concurrency with SR 27
US 25 south / SR 25 Conn. east (Gloucester Street) – St. Simons, Savannah, Downtown Brunswick South end of concurrency with US 25
Dock Junction Norwich Street interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Ross Road interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
SR 303 Conn. south (Blythe Island Connector) No access from eastbound SR 303 Connector to northbound US 341
SR 303 (Blythe Island Highway / Community Road) – Woodbine, Jacksonville, FLETC Glynco, Blythe Island, College of Coastal Georgia
I‑95 (SR 405) – Jacksonville, Savannah I-95 exit 36
Sterling SR 32 west / SR 99 – Alma, Darien, Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation State Historic Site, Fort King George State Historic Site
Wayne Jesup US 25 north / US 301 / SR 23 – Nahunta, Ludowici, Airport North end of concurrency with US 25
US 84 (North First Street) / SR 38 – Blackshear, Ludowici
SR 169 north (Lanes Bridge Road) – Statesboro
Appling Surrency SR 121 (Still Street) – Blackshear, Reidsville
Baxley SR 144 east (Industrial Park Drive) – Glennville
US 1 / SR 4 / SR 15 (Main Street) – Alma, Lyons, Glennville, Baxley Municipal Airport
Jeff Davis Hazlehurst US 23 south / SR 19 south – Alma, truck route to US 221 south / SR 135 south South end of concurrency with US 23 / SR 19
Plum Street south end of US 221 / SR 135 overlap (northbound only)
SR 19 Conn. south (Tallahassee Street) – Douglas
US 221 / SR 135 (Tallahassee Street) – Uvalda, Business District north end of US 221 / SR 135 overlap (northbound only)
Telfair Lumber City SR 19 north – Glenwood North end of concurrency with SR 19
SR 117 north – Jacksonville
  SR 149 to SR 117 – Scotland
McRae US 280 / US 319 / US 441 / SR 30 / SR 31 (3rd Avenue) – Douglas, Abbeville, Alamo, Dublin, Little Ocmulgee State Park & Lodge
Dodge Chauncey SR 165 north (Chauncey Dublin Highway) South end of concurrency with SR 165
SR 165 south (Chauncey Rhine Highway) – Rhine North end of concurrency with SR 165
US 23 north / US 341 Bus. north / SR 27 Bus. north (College Street) – Eastman
North end of concurrency with US 23
SR 87 / SR 117 (Eastman-Rhine Road) – Rhine, Eastman, Mercer University
US 341 Bus. south / SR 27 Bus. south / SR 46 east to I‑16 east – Eastman, Middle Georgia College Georgia Aviation Campus
Pulaski Hartford
US 129 Alt. north / SR 26 east / SR 112 north / SR 257 east (Cochran Highway) / SR 230 east (Lower River Road) – Rhine, Cochran, Ocmulgee Public Fishing Area, Pulaski State Prison, Middle Georgia College
south end of US 129 Alt. / SR 26 / SR 112 / SR 230 / SR 257 overlap
US 341 Bus. north / SR 26 west (Commerce Street) – Hawkinsville Historic District
north end of SR 26 overlap; no access from US 341 south

US 129 south / US 129 Bus. north / SR 11 south / SR 11 Bus. north / SR 112 south (Jackson Street) – Abbeville, Hawkinsville Harness Racing Facility
north end of US 129 Alt. / SR 112 overlap; south end of US 129 / SR 11 overlap
SR 27 west / SR 257 south (McCormick Avenue) – Vienna, Cordele north end of SR 27 / SR 257 overlap
SR 230 west (Broad Street) – Unadilla North end of concurrency with SR 230
SR 26 (Commerce Street) to I‑75 – Montezuma, Cochran, Hawkinsville Historic District

US 129 Bus. south / US 341 Bus. south / SR 11 Bus. south
  US 129 north / SR 247 north (Warner Robins Highway) – Warner Robins North end of concurrency with US 129
Houston Hayneville SR 224 west (Larry Walker Parkway) to I‑75 – Montezuma
Perry SR 247 Spur north – Warner Robins, Robins AFB

US 341 Byp. north / SR 11 north to I‑75 – Fort Valley
north end of SR 11 overlap; south end of SR 11 Bus. overlap
Houston Lake Drive former SR 127 east
To I‑75 / Washington Street
US 41 / SR 7 south / SR 11 Bus. north / SR 127 (Commerce Street) – Marshallville, Hawkinsville, Kathleen north end of SR 11 Bus. overlap; south end of SR 7 overlap
I‑75 (SR 401) – Valdosta, Macon I-75 exit 136

US 341 Byp. south / SR 11 Conn. south (West Perry Parkway)
Peach Fort Valley SR 7 Conn. east (East Church Street) – Jeffersonville
SR 96 east – Warner Robins South end of concurrency with SR 96
SR 49 (Camellia Boulevard) / SR 96 west (Vineville Street) – Reynolds, Montezuma, Byron North end of concurrency with SR 96
  SR 49 Conn. – Reynolds, Butler, Byron
Crawford Roberta SR 128 south (North Agency Street) – Reynolds, Butler
US 80 / SR 22 / SR 42 south (Crussele Street) – Talbotton, Macon south end of SR 42 overlap
Musella SR 42 north – Forsyth north end of SR 42 overlap
Monroe   SR 74 Roundabout
  SR 83 north – Forsyth
Lamar   US 41 / SR 7 north / SR 18 – Forsyth, Barnesville, Griffin Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

Eastman business loop[edit]

U.S. Highway 341 Business
Location: Eastman

Hawkinsville business loop[edit]

U.S. Highway 341 Business
Location: Hawkinsville

Perry bypass route[edit]

U.S. Highway 341 Bypass
Location: Perry

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