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U.S. Route 410 marker

U.S. Route 410
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 10
Length: 469.00 mi[1][2][3] (754.78 km)
Existed: 1926 – 1967
Major junctions
West end: US 101 in Aberdeen, WA
  US 101 (1961).svg US 101 near Olympia, WA
US 99 (1961).svg US 99 in Olympia, WA
WA-16.svg SR 16 in Tacoma, WA
WA-7.svg SR 7 in Tacoma, WA
WA-24.svg SR 24 in Yakima, WA
US 97 (1961).svg US 97 in Yakima, WA
WA-22.svg SR 22 near Toppenish, WA
WA-22.svg SR 22 in Prosser, WA
US 395 (1961).svg US 395 in Pasco, WA
US 730 (1961).svg US 730 near Wallula, WA
WA-125.svg SR 125 in Walla Walla, WA
East end: US-95 in Lewiston, ID
Highway system

U.S. Route 410 (US 410) was a U.S. Highway that ran from an intersection with US 101 in Aberdeen, Washington to US 95 in Lewiston, Idaho. The route had concurrencies with SR 8, US 99, and US 395. Even though the number indicates that US 410 was a spur of US 10, US 410 never connected with US 10, which is the same case with US 830. When US 12 was extended into Washington in 1967, US 410 was decommissioned.[4]

Route description[edit]


US 410 started at an intersection with US 101 in Aberdeen, Washington, the current western end of US 12. Then, US 410 went east to Olympia, where it formed a short concurrency with US 101 into Downtown Olympia.[5] Then, US 410 followed US 99 out of Olympia and into Tacoma.[6] In Tacoma, US 410 turned southeast and went to Sumner, through Enumclaw, and then across Chinook Pass. After going across Chinook Pass, US 410 turned east towards Pasco.[7][8] In Pasco, US 410 became concurrent with US 395 and then continued east to Walla Walla.[9] After passing Walla Walla, US 410 went into Clarkston where it crossed over the Snake River (via the Lewiston-Clarkston Bridge) into Idaho.[10]


After US 410 crossed the Lewiston-Clarkston Bridge over the Snake River into Idaho, the road went east and northeast to US 95, where it ended.[11]


US 410 was an original U.S. routes. It was established in 1926 and decommissioned in 1967 when US 12 was extended into Washington.

US 410 Today[edit]

US 410 is now separated into 6 different highways including the concurrences with US 101 and US 99. From US 101 to Elma, Washington, US 410 became part of US 12. From Elma, Washington to US 101 near Olympia, Washington, US 410 became SR 8. The concurrency with US 101 stayed as part of US 101 for the full length from SR 8 to US 99 (now I-5). From US 101's end to Tacoma, Washington, US 410 became part of US 99, which was replaced by I-5. From Tacoma, Washington to Sumner, Washington, US 410 became part of SR 167. From Sumner, Washington to Naches, Washington, US 410 retained its original number, as SR 410. From Naches, Washington to Lewiston, Idaho, US 410 became US 12.

Former intersections (1967)[edit]

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