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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 522 in Pennsylvania. For the entire length of the highway, see U.S. Route 522.

U.S. Route 522 marker

U.S. Route 522
Route of US 522 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length: 127.5 mi[1] (205.2 km)
Major junctions
South end: I‑70 / US 522 near Warfordsburg

I-70 / PA 484 in Warfordsburg
PA 16 in McConnellsburg
US 30 near McConnellsburg
I-76 / Penna. Tpk. near Fort Littleton
PA 35 / PA 641 in Shade Gap
US 22 near Mount Union
US 22 / US 322 in Lewistown

PA 104 in Middleburg
North end: US 11 / US 15 in Selinsgrove
Counties: Fulton, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Snyder
Highway system
PA 520 PA 523
PA 618 US 622 Pennsylvania 1926.svg PA 624

U.S. Route 522 (US 522) is a part of the U.S. Highway System that runs from Powhatan, Virginia to Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, the U.S. highway runs 127.5 miles (205.2 km) from the Maryland state line near Warfordsburg north to its northern terminus at US 11 and US 15 in Selinsgrove. US 522 passes through the Ridge and Valley Province of the Appalachian Mountains of central Pennsylvania, connecting Hancock, Maryland on the Potomac River with McConnellsburg, Mount Union, Lewistown, Middleburg, and Selinsgrove on the Susquehanna River. The U.S. highway is part of the National Highway System along its concurrency with Interstate 70 (I-70) from the Maryland state line to Warfordsburg and from US 522's interchange with the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) to Selinsgrove.[2]

Route description[edit]

US 522 enters Pennsylvania concurrent with I-70 (Eisenhower Memorial Highway) in Bethel Township in Fulton County, just north of Hancock. The Interstate and the U.S. highway split at Exit 168 in Warfordsburg, a diamond interchange where I-70 curves west while US 522 heads north. The US 522 roadway continues south of the interchange on Buck Valley Road (PA 484 at that point), which is the original alignment of US 522 south of the interchange. US 522 crosses Little Tonoloway Creek and heads northwest as Great Cove Road, passing through a gap in Tonoloway Ridge on its way to a junction with PA 643 (Flickersville Road) in the hamlet of Dott. The U.S. highway continues northeast around the northern edge of Tonoloway Ridge at the Belfast Township village of Needmore, where the highway has a brief concurrency with PA 655, which heads south as Thompson Road and north as Pleasant Valley Road. US 522 curves to the east, crossing Tonoloway Creek, ascending Timber Ridge, and descending the ridge to cross Licking Creek. The U.S. highway climbs over Scrub Ridge and curves to the northeast at the village of Big Cove Tannery in Ayr Township, where the highway intersects PA 928 (Big Cove Tannery Road) and crosses Big Cove Creek.[1]

US 522 passes around the northern end of Dickeys Mountain and enters the broad valley between Meadow Grounds Mountain to the west and Tuscarora Mountain to the east. Near the northern end of the valley US 522 passes through the county seat of McConnellsburg, where the highway is named Second Street and passes near the Fulton House. In the center of the borough, the U.S. highway intersects Lincoln Way, which heads east as PA 16. Lincoln Way is the old alignment of US 30 and part of the original Lincoln Highway. US 522 heads north out of town and meets modern US 30 (Lincoln Highway) at a diamond interchange as the highway heads through the narrow valley between Little Scrub Ridge to the west and Cove Mountain to the east. The U.S. highway heads northwest through a gap in the former mountain into Dublin Township, where the highway intersects PA 475 (Waterfall Road) and meets the Pennsylvania Turnpike (also marked as I-76) at Exit 180, the Fort Littleton interchange. US 522 parallels the turnpike northeast to the village of Burnt Cabins, Pennsylvania just north of Sidneys Knob. Here the U.S. highway turns north into Huntingdon County.[1]

US 522 heads north as Croghan Pike through Dublin Township on the east side of Shade Mountain. After intersecting PA 35 and PA 641 in the village of Shade Gap, the U.S. highway passes through a gap in Shade Mountain into the Locke Valley. US 522 heads north then curves west again through a gap in Blacklog Mountain. The U.S. highway becomes Ridgely Street in the borough of Orbisonia, where the highway intersects PA 994 (Elliot Street). US 522 parallels Aughwick Creek north through Shirleysburg to Allenport, where the highway meets the southern end of PA 103. Just north of Allenport, the old alignment of US 522, Shirley Street, splits to the west to serve Mount Union. US 522 bypasses the borough, paralleling the Juniata River north. The U.S. highway passes under the former Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad (now owned by Norfolk Southern Railway) before crossing the river into Mifflin County to an intersection with US 22 (William Penn Highway).[1]

US 522 joins US 22 in a concurrency that heads northeast between Jacks Mountain to the northwest and the Juniata River to the southeast. The two highways pass through McVeytown on their way to Lewistown. In Granville Township, the old alignment continues straight into Lewistown as US 22 Business while US 522 and US 22 split to the opposite side of Big Ridge as a freeway. US 522 and US 22 meet US 322 at a directional interchange just north of Lewistown. The interchange also includes ramps from all directions to access Electric Avenue. The three U.S. highways join in a concurrency for a short distance south into the county seat before US 522 leaves the freeway for Walnut Street. Northbound US 522 accesses Walnut Street via Logan Street. US 22 and US 322 continue on the freeway toward Harrisburg.[1]

US 522 crosses Kishacoquillas Creek and soon leaves Lewistown. The U.S. highway heads northeast through the valley of Jacks Creek between Jacks Mountain to the north and Shade Mountain to the south, a valley that has several short ridges itself. US 522 passes through the hamlet of Alfarata before entering Snyder County. The U.S. highway continues northeast through McClure, Beavertown, and Beaver Springs, where the highway has a concurrency with PA 235. US 522 also has a concurrency with PA 104 in the county seat of Middleburg, where the highway crosses Middle Creek. The U.S. highway follows the creek east through Kreamer before the stream heads southeast as US 522 continues east toward Selinsgrove. US 522 intersects University Avenue, the old alignment of US 522 that heads toward Susquehanna University and downtown Selinsgrove, before entering the borough limits. The U.S. highway intersects the southern end of PA 204 and Broad Street before reaching its former eastern terminus at Market Street. Market Street, which heads south into downtown, is the old alignment of US 11 and US 15. US 522 turns north onto Market Street, crosses over Penns Creek, and passes by the entrance to Penn Valley Airport. US 522 reaches its northern terminus at a partial cloverleaf interchange with US 11 and US 15. US 11 and US 15 head south as a freeway toward Harrisburg. US 11 and US 15 continue north along the US 522 roadway toward Hummels Wharf. The freeway ends as a stub just north of the interchange.[1]

Major junctions[edit]

County Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Fulton Bethel Township 0.0 0.0 I‑70 east / US 522 south (Eisenhower Memorial Highway) – Hancock, Berkeley Springs, WV, Winchester, VA Maryland state line
2.6 4.2 I-70 west to PA 484 – Breezewood Exit 168 (I-70); north end of concurrency with I-70
6.6 10.6 PA 643 west (Flickerville Road) Eastern terminus of PA 643
Belfast Township 10.2 16.4 PA 655 south (Thompson Road) South end of concurrency with PA 655
11.1 17.9 PA 655 north (Pleasant Ridge Road) North end of concurrency with PA 655
Ayr Township 17.1 27.5 PA 928 south (Big Cove Tannery Road) Northern terminus of PA 928
McConnellsburg 23.6 38.0 PA 16 east (Lincoln Way) / Lincoln Way west – Cove Gap, Mercersburg Western terminus of PA 16
Todd Township 24.5 39.4 US 30 (Lincoln Highway) – Breezewood, Chambersburg Interchange
Dublin Township 31.2 50.2 PA 475 west (Waterfall Road) – Hustontown Eastern terminus of PA 475
32.4 52.1 I-76 / Penna. Tpk. – Harrisburg, Pittsburgh Exit 180 / Fort Littleton interchange (I-76 / PA Turnpike)
Huntingdon Dublin Township 45.2 72.7 PA 35 north – Mifflin Southern terminus of PA 35
45.3 72.9 PA 641 east – Roxbury Western terminus of PA 641
Orbisonia 50.9 81.9 PA 994 west (Elliot Street) / Elliot Street east – Rockhill Eastern terminus of PA 994
Shirley Township 60.3 97.0 PA 103 north Southern terminus of PA 103
Mifflin Wayne Township 62.0 99.8 US 22 west (William Penn Highway) – Huntingdon, Altoona South end of concurrency with US 22
Granville Township 80.6 129.7
US 22 Bus. east – Lewistown
Western terminus of US 22 Bus.
Derry Township 84.7 136.3 US 322 west / Electric Avenue – State College Directional interchange with US 322; partial cloverleaf with Electric Avenue; south end of concurrency with US 322
Lewistown 85.4 137.4 US 22 / US 322 east / Walnut Street west – Harrisburg Partial cloverleaf interchange; US 522 exits onto Walnut Street east via Logan Street; north end of concurrency with US 22 and US 322
Snyder Spring Township 106.4 171.2 PA 235 south – McAlisterville South end of concurrency with PA 235
107.3 172.7 PA 235 north – Troxelville North end of concurrency with PA 235
Middleburg 116.6 187.6 PA 104 north (Main Street) / Market Street east – Mifflinburg South end of concurrency with PA 104
116.9 188.1 PA 104 south (Wausau Road) – Liverpool North end of concurrency with PA 104
Selinsgrove 126.5 203.6 PA 204 north / Broad Street – New Berlin Southern terminus of PA 204
Monroe Township 127.5 205.2 US 11 (Susquehanna Trail) / US 15 – Harrisburg, Williamsport, Scranton Partial cloverleaf interchange
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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