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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 6 in Nebraska. For the entire route, see U.S. Route 6.

U.S. Highway 6 marker

U.S. Highway 6
Route information
Maintained by NDOR
Length: 373.07 mi[1] (600.40 km)
Existed: 1931 – present
Major junctions
West end: US 6 at Colorado state line
East end: I-480 / US 6 at the Iowa state line
Highway system
N-5 N-7

In the U.S. State of Nebraska, U.S. Highway 6 is a highway which goes from the Colorado border west of Imperial in the west to the Iowa border in the east at Omaha. Significant portions of the highway are concurrent with other highways, most significantly, U.S. Highway 34 between Culbertson and Hastings. Also, from Milford east to the Iowa border, the highway is closely paralleled by Interstate 80.

Route description[edit]

US 6 runs east as Dodge Street in Omaha

U.S. Highway 6 enters Nebraska from Colorado west of Imperial on a short southeasterly segment. It turns east and stays due east until shortly before Imperial. It then goes into Imperial and meets Nebraska Highway 61. The two routes are paired together until they separate at the Enders Reservoir State Recreation Area. It goes in a generally southeasterly direction until it meets U.S. Highway 34 west of Culbertson.[1][2]

US 6 and US 34 continue east together through Culbertson and at McCook, is briefly concurrent with U.S. Highway 83. US 6/34 continue together in a northeasterly direction through Cambridge, then turns due east and meets U.S. Highway 283 in Arapahoe. Near Edison, it meets U.S. Highway 136, which begins at its intersection with US 6/34. Further east, the two highways meet Nebraska Highway 4 and turns northeast towards Holdrege, Nebraska. In Holdrege, US 6/34 meet U.S. Highway 183. The highways continue on a northeasterly trajectory through Minden until Heartwell. At Heartwell, US 6/34 turns due east until Hastings. In Hastings, US 6/34 meet U.S. Highway 281 and US 34 separates to go with US 281 while US 6 continues eastward.[1][2]

US 6 continues on a due east highway from Hastings. Near Sutton, the highway turns northeast to go through Sutton. It continues east and at Fairmont, US 6 encounters U.S. Highway 81. After passing through Friend, US 6 meets Nebraska Highway 15 and the two highways overlap until shortly before Milford. US 6 goes east, then north out of Milford, then US 6 turns east to go towards Lincoln.[1][2]

In Lincoln, US 6 comes into the city on West "O" Street, portions of which are divided highway. At Sun Valley Boulevard, it turns to go northeasterly. At North 10th Street, US 6 turns north-northwest and becomes North 11th Street, a divided highway. At Cornhusker Highway, US 6 turns east with a short urban connection to Interstate 180 on the west along Cornhusker. US 6 then follows Cornhusker Highway, which is a divided highway, northeast out of the city. At the east end of Cornhusker Highway (near Waverly), US 6 meets Interstate 80.[1][2]

From Interstate 80, US 6 goes northeast through Waverly, Greenwood and Ashland. East of Ashland, US 6 crosses the Platte River. After that, US 6 meets Nebraska Highway 31 in Gretna, where US 6 turns north with NE 31 on a divided highway. US 6/NE 31 meet U.S. Highway 275 and Nebraska Highway 92 near the Elkhorn neighborhood of Omaha and they separate in Elkhorn itself at a freeway interchange which also has Nebraska Link 28B, a connector to US 275.[1][2]

US 6 goes onto the freeway at this point, which is West Dodge Road, and turns due east to go towards downtown Omaha. At 137th Street, there is an exit for Boys Town. Between 120th and 108th Streets, US 6 is an elevated freeway with separate viaducts for eastbound and westbound traffic. Shortly after this ends, US 6 meets Interstate 680. US 6 continues east and at Cass Street, turns briefly southeast. After US 6 meets Dodge Street, West Dodge Road ends and US 6 follows Dodge Street eastward. Before 30th Street, US 6 splits into two one-way streets, with Dodge Street serving westbound traffic, and Douglas Street serving the eastbound. US 6 goes through downtown and then goes up onto Interstate 480, which is an elevated freeway around downtown Omaha, and shortly thereafter, crosses into Iowa via the Grenville Dodge Memorial Bridge.[1][2]


US 38 Nebraska 1926.svg

When the U.S. Highway System was created in 1926, much of the current US 6 in Nebraska was U.S. Highway 38. The route was slightly different in the Omaha area, as it turned east from 204th Street onto Q Street to go through what was the city of Millard. It went through Millard on what is now Millard Avenue (Nebraska Highway 50), then north on 132nd Street, then east on Center Street, and then north on 36th Street to end at Farnam Street. In 1932, US 38 was deleted and replaced by US 6.

The cities of Hastings and Lincoln also had City U.S. Highway 6. These are former routes for US 6 in those cities. City US 6 in Hastings was deleted in 1970 and in Lincoln, it was deleted in 1983.


The Nebraska Department of Roads is planning a total rebuild and partial realignment/rerouting of U.S. 6 from its current path along Sun Valley Boulevard in Lincoln, Nebraska. The project is years away from being built.[3]

Commemorative and other highway names[edit]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Chase   0.000 0.000 US 6 west Continuation into Colorado
Imperial 24.11 38.80 S-15A south (Broadway Street)
24.95 40.15 N-61 north Western end of N-61 overlap
Enders 34.53 55.57 N-61 south Eastern end of N-61 overlap
Hayes Hamlet 49.70 79.98 S-43A north
Hitchcock Palisade 57.23 92.10 N-25A north (S. Main Street)
  63.38 102.00 N-25
  70.56 113.56 L-44C east
  71.13 114.47 US 34 west Western end of US 34 overlap
  71.56 115.16 L-44C west
Culbertson 74.06 119.19 N-17 south
Red Willow McCook 84.83 136.52 US 83 north Western end of US 83 overlap
86.26 138.82 US 83 south (S. 6th Street) Eastern end of US 83 overlap
Furnas Cambridge 111.43 179.33 N-47 south (Patterson Street)
Arapahoe 125.91 202.63 US 283 (Nebraska Avenue)
  132.11 212.61 US 136 east
  140.04 225.37 N-46 south
Harlan   144.51 232.57 N-4 east
Phelps Holdrege 157.21 253.00 N-23 west (W. 4th Avenue)
157.81 253.97 US 183 (Burlington Street)
Kearney Axtell 169.65 273.03 N-44 south (21 Road) Western end of N-44 overlap
173.73 279.59 N-44 north (25 Road) Eastern end of N-44 overlap
Minden 180.85 291.05 N-10 (N. Brown Avenue)
Adams Kenesaw 197.47 317.80 S-1A north (S. Smith Way)
Juniata 205.42 330.59 S-1B north (S. Juniata Avenue)
Hastings 208.92 336.22 S-1C north
210.91 339.43 US 281 south (S. Baltimore Avenue) Western end of US 281 overlap
211.41 340.23 US 34 east / US 281 north (S. Burlington Avenue) Eastern end of US 34/US 281 overlap
Clay Harvard 227.19 365.63 S-18A north (Road K)
  230.21 370.49 N-14 south (Road N) Western end of N-14 overlap
  233.18 375.27 N-14 north (Road Q) Eastern end of N-14 overlap
Saronville 236.18 380.09 S-18G north (Road T)
Fillmore Fairmont 255.67–
US 81 Interchange
Saline Cordova 268.83 432.64 S-76A north
  277.82 447.11 N-15 south Western end of N-15 overlap
Dorchester 278.43 448.09 N-33 east
281.02 452.26 L-76E south
Seward   289.55 465.99 N-15 north Eastern end of N-15 overlap
  295.53 475.61 L-80H north
  301.56 485.31 N-103
Lancaster Emerald 306.55 493.34 S-55A south (SW 84th Street)
Lincoln 309.03 497.34 L-55K north (NW 48th Street)
309.92 498.77 I-80 east Exit ramp 396 only from I-80 east - no I-80 access from US 6
I-80 east / US 77 (Homestead Expressway) Interchange
314.30 505.82 To I-180 / US 34 (Cornhusker Highway)
318.16 512.03 L-55X north (N. 56th Street)
Waverly 322.76–
I-80 Exit 409 along I-80
Cass   335.66 540.19 N-63 south (238th Street)
Saunders Ashland 337.49 543.14 N-66
Sarpy Gretna 344.93 555.11 N-31 south (S. 216th Street) Western end of N-31 overlap
348.51 560.87 N-370 east (W. Gruenther Road)
Douglas   354.58 570.64 US 275 / N-92 (West Center Road) Interchange
Omaha 356.58 573.86 N-31 north (N. 204th Street) / L-28B west (W. Dodge Road) – Fremont, Wahoo North end of N-31 overlap; western end of freeway section
357.57 575.45 192nd Street
358.57 577.06 180th Street
359.46 578.49 168th Street
360.56 580.27 156th Street
361.08 581.10 150th Street No eastbound exit
361.58 581.91 144th Street
362.05 582.66 137th Street – Boys Town
362.57 583.50 132nd Street
120th Street/114th Street – Old Mill
364.85 587.17 I-680 to I-80 Exit 3 along I-680
365.26 587.83 102nd Street/96th Street/Regency Parkway – Westroads Mall
366.08 589.15 N-133 north (N. 90th Street) Eastern end of freeway section
372.94 600.19 I-480 west to I-80 Western end of I-480 overlap, exit 4 along I-480
Missouri River 373.07 600.40 Grenville Dodge Memorial Bridge; Nebraska–Iowa state line
Pottawattamie Council Bluffs I-480 east / US 6 east Continuation into Iowa
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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