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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 71 in Missouri. For the entire length of the highway, see U.S. Route 71.

U.S. Route 71 marker

U.S. Route 71
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Major junctions
South end:

US 71 at Jane
I-49 in Pineville (current southern terminus of the Missouri section of I-49)
I-44 in Joplin
I-49 / I-435 / I-470 in Kansas City (current northern terminus of I-49)

I-70 in Kansas City
I-29 / I-35 in Kansas City (future northern terminus of I-49)
North end: US 71 near Clearmont
Highway system

Missouri Highways

I-70 I-72

U.S. Route 71 (US 71) is a major north–south U.S. Highway that runs from Louisiana to Canada. US 71 enters Missouri from Arkansas in the town of Jane. US 71 serves the cities of Joplin, Kansas City and St. Joseph. At noon on December 12, 2012, the section of US 71 between Pineville, Missouri and Bannister Road in south Kansas City was also designated as a northern extension of Interstate 49 (I-49).

Route description[edit]

First reassurance marker on US 71 after entering Missouri from Iowa.

US 71 enters Missouri in Jane coming from Arkansas. Currently, a new bypass is being built known as the Bella Vista Bypass, to go around Jane and Bella Vista, Arkansas to connect with the freeway section of US 71 near Pineville. At this point, Interstate 49 begins its concurrency with US 71. I-49 and US 71 pass through many smaller communities before reaching Joplin. In Joplin, I-49 and US 71 interchanges with Interstate 44 and begin a short concurrency from I-44 exits 11 through 18.

A few miles east of Joplin, I-49 and US 71 leave I-44 and heads north and enters Carthage. Due to the freeway being built, old sections of the highway have been bypassed and become county roads. They are known locally as the "lost highway".[1] I-49 and US 71 pass through Nevada and other communities before reaching the Kansas City area. In south Kansas City, at Bannister Road just north of The 3-Trails Crossing Memorial Highway (formerly the Grandview Triangle), US 71 ends its concurrency with I-49, and continues into downtown Kansas City as Bruce R. Watkins Memorial Drive. US 71 loses its freeway status for 3 blocks in Kansas City before becoming a freeway again and entering Downtown Kansas City. It is very unlikely that the freeway will continue all the way through, as a court order prevents the stoplights to be bypassed, even though MoDot has the necessary right of way to do so.[citation needed]

In northern Kansas City, US 71 shares many overlaps with interstates, including I-70, I-35, Interstate 29 in Missouri. US 71 runs with I-29 through Kansas City north of Downtown until St. Joseph.

Once in St. Joseph, US 71 leaves I-29. US 71 runs north to Maryville. US 71 serves the small community of Clearmont before running through countryside into Iowa.

US 71 north of the Arkansas border.



The future of part of the Bella Vista Bypass is on hold. On August 5, 2014, voters in Missouri defeated Amendment 7 at the polls, which would have provided funding various road construction projects in the state. After the measure's defeat, the funding for the connection from the existing southern end of I-49 in Missouri along the Bella Vista Bypass to the state line is in doubt, but Arkansas is moving ahead to construct all but the last connection to the state line.[2]

Junction list[edit]

County Location Mile km Exit Destinations Notes
Arkansas state line US 71 south continues into Arkansas
McDonald Jane Route OO south to Hwy. 279
Route 90 – Noel, Washburn
Pineville 4
US 71 Bus. south to I-49 – Pineville
South end of I-49 concurrency
5 Route H – Pineville, Noel
  7 Route EE – Lanagan
Anderson 10 Route 76 – Anderson
US 71 Bus. / Route 59 – Anderson, Goodman
Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Goodman 17 Route B / Route C – Goodman
Newton   20 I-49 Bus. / Route AA
Neosho 24 US 60 – Seneca, Neosho
27 I-49 Bus. / Route 86 – Racine, Neosho
  30 Iris Road
  33 I-49 Bus. / Route 175 south – Neosho
  35 Route V – Diamond George Washington Carver National Monument
Joplin 39A Route FF (32nd Street)
Jasper 39B Route 249 – Joplin
39C I-44 west – Tulsa South end of I-44 overlap
15 I-44 Bus. / Route 66 west – Duenweg Southbound exit and northbound entrance
  18A–B I-44 east / Route 59 south – Springfield, Diamond North end of I-44 overlap
  47 Cedar Road
Carthage 49 Route 571 north (Garrison Avenue) Northbound exit and southbound entrance
50 Route HH (Fir Road) – Carterville
51 Fairview Avenue
53 I-49 Bus. south / Route 96 (Central Avenue) / Route 171 north / Route 571 south – Webb City
55 Civil War Road
Kendricktown 56 Route V / Route D (Garrison Avenue) – Alba Southbound exit and northbound entrance
  63 Route M / Route N
Jasper 66 Route H / Route K – Jasper
Barton   70 Route 126 – Golden City, Pittsburg
Lamar 77 US 160 – Mindenmines, Lamar
  80 Route DD / Route EE
Irwin 83 Route V / Route C – Irwin Interchange
Vernon Sheldon 88 Route N / Route B – Bronaugh, Sheldon Interchange
  91 Route BB / Route DD – Bellamy
  95 Route E – Milo
Nevada 101 I-49 Bus. north / Route K – Nevada, Camp Clark Interchange
102A US 54 – Nevada, El Dorado Springs Interchange
102B I-49 Bus. south – Nevada Interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
103 Highland Avenue
  107 Route M – Compton Junction
  110 Route D – Stotesbury
Horton 112 Horton
  116 Route TT
Bates Rich Hill 120 Route A / Route B – Rich Hill, Osceola
  129 Route 52 east – Appleton City South end of Route 52 overlap
Butler 130 I-49 Bus. north – Butler Northbound exit and southbound entrance
131 Route 52 west – Amoret, Butler North end of Route 52 overlap
  136 I-49 Bus. south / Route D / Route F – Passaic Interchange
Adrian 141 Route 18 – Adrian, Clinton Interchange
  144 Route AA / Route E
Cass Archie 147 Route A / Route B – Archie, Drexel
  153 307th Street
Harrisonville 157 Route 7 south – Clinton South end of Route 7 overlap
158 Route 2 east (Commercial Street) South end of Route 2 overlap
159 Route 2 west / Route 7 north (Mechanic Street) North end of Route 2/Route 7 overlap
160 Route 291 north – Harrisonville, Lee's Summit New diverging diamond interchange under construction
Peculiar 167 Route C / Route J – Peculiar
  168 211th Street Coming in Early 2015
  172 North Cass Parkway
Belton 174 Route 58 – Belton, Raymore
175 Route Y / 163rd Street
176 155th Street New diverging diamond interchange to open in 2016
Jackson Grandview 177 Route 150
179 Main Street
180 Truman Drive Southbound exit and northbound entrance
181 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Hickman Mills Drive, Longview Road
Kansas City 182 Red Bridge Road Includes Longview Road southbound
183 I-435 east / I-470 / US 50 – Wichita, Kansas, Lee's Summit Signed northern end of I-49
184 I-435 – Des Moines No southbound exit to I-435 north
185 Route W (Bannister Road) To I-435 Northbound
186 Blue River Road Northbound exit and southbound entrance
186 85th Street Southbound exit and northbound entrance
187A 75th Street
187B Gregory Boulevard Expect to open in 2015
188 Meyer Boulevard, 63rd Street
189 55th Street Expect to open in 2015
190 US 56 west (Swope Parkway) / Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard
191 39th Street
192 Linwood Boulevard Northbound exit and southbound entrance
193 29th Street
194 The Paseo Northbound exit and southbound entrance
195 22nd Street Southbound exit for The Paseo
196 Truman Road to I-70 east Northbound exit and southbound entrance
197 I-670 west – Topeka Eventual northern terminus of I-49
I-70 east – St. Louis No northbound exit; south end of I-70 overlap;North end of I-49 concurrency
11th Street Northbound and Southbound exit and Northbound entrance, Southbound Entrance is with 10th Street to US-71 South
2H US 24 east (Independence Avenue) / Admiral Boulevard Northbound exit and southbound entrance
I-35 south / I-70 west – Wichita, Topeka North end of I-70 overlap; south end of I-29/I-35 overlap
4A US 24 east (Independence Avenue) / The Paseo Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Front Street
Clay North Kansas City 5 East Levee Road, Bedford Avenue Northbound signed exit 5A
5B 16th Avenue Northbound exit and southbound entrance Only
6 Armour Road
Kansas City 8A Northeast Parvin Road
I-35 north – Des Moines North end of I-35 overlap
1A Northeast Davidson Road
1C&D Route 283 (Oak Trafficway)
1E US 69 (Northeast Vivian Road) Northbound exit for US 169 south
2 US 169 – Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport, Smithville
Platte 3A Route AA (Northwest Waukomis Drive) Northbound exit and southbound entrance
3B I-635 south – Riverside
3C Route A south – Riverside Southbound exit and northbound entrance
4 Northwest 56th Street No southbound exit
5 Route 45 west (Northwest 64th Street)
6 Northwest 72nd Street
8 Route 152 – Parkville, Liberty
9A&B Northwest Barry Road
10 Northwest Tiffany Springs Parkway
12 Northwest 112th Street
13 Route D to I-435 – Kansas City International Airport
14 I-435 east – Des Moines Southbound exit and northbound entrance; south end of I-435 overlap
15 Mexico City Avenue – Kansas City International Airport
Platte City 17 I-435 south – Topeka, Wichita North end of I-435 overlap
18 Route 92 – Platte City, Smithville
19 Route HH – Platte City
Fair Township 20 Route 273 north – Tracy, Weston
Iowa state line US 71 north continues into Iowa
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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