U.S. Route 75 Alternate (Beggs–Sapulpa, Oklahoma)

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U.S. Route 75 marker

U.S. Route 75 Alternate
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length: 30.15 mi[2][3] (48.52 km)
Existed: August 28, 1959[1] – present
Major junctions
South end: US-75 / SH-16 east of Beggs
North end: I‑44 in Sapulpa (concurrent with SH-66)
Highway system

U.S. 75 Alternate (also signed as U.S. Highway 75A or State Highway 75A) is a 30.15-mile (48.52 km) highway near Tulsa. The southern terminus is at U.S. Highway 75 and SH-16 east of Beggs. The northern terminus is signed at State Highway 66 and State Highway 97 in Sapulpa. However, the highway continues unsigned along SH-66, ending at the north terminus of the Turner Turnpike, where SH-66 merges onto the free portion of I-44. It runs parallel to US-75 for its entire length.

US-75 ALT follows the route of US-75 prior to the construction of the Okmulgee Beeline and its subsequent designation as US-75 in 1959.

Route description[edit]

A green sign reads "ALT US 75, SH 16, Beggs, Muskogee" with an arrow. A blue plaque above it reads "CAMPING".
Signage for ALT US-75 and SH-16 at the former's southern terminus along US-75.

US-75 Alternate begins where SH-16 crosses US-75 east of Beggs. West of this intersection, US-75 ALT is signed along with SH-16. The two highways continue west into the city of Beggs, where the partnership ends. US-75 ALT turns north, passing through Beggs, and after leaving the city, rural areas of Okmulgee County on a due north course. The highway crosses into Creek County, then curves to the northeast for about 1 mile (1.6 km) before returning to a northerly course through Mounds.[4] After passing through Mounds, US-75 ALT follows a route a few degrees west of due north, bringing it to the town of Kiefer, where it serves as the western terminus of SH-67.

From Kiefer, the highway turns northwest. The highway bridges Polecat Creek as it turns west to enter the city of Sapulpa.[4] The route then turns back to the north as it gets closer the city's core. The highway intersects SH-117 in about the center of town. The road then intersects SH-33 and SH-66, while the mainline becomes SH-97. At this intersection, signage indicating the north end of US-75 ALT is posted.

Officially, however, US-75 ALT continues onward from here, turning right and following SH-66 through the east part of Sapulpa. This section of US-75 ALT is signed exclusively as SH-66. The road parallels I-44, the Turner Turnpike. The highways pass under the Creek Turnpike as well. Finally, as the Turner Turnpike comes to an end and I-44 transitions into a free Interstate, SH-66 merges onto the freeway. US-75 ALT ends at this point, just south of the Creek–Tulsa County line.


US-75 ALT was the route of US-75 before the "Okmulgee Beeline", the expressway/freeway between Preston and Tulsa, was built. On August 28, 1959, US-75 was moved onto the new highway, and US-75 ALT was designated in its place.[1]

Junction list[edit]

County Location Mile[5] km Destinations Notes
Okmulgee   0.0 0.0 SH-16 continues east
  0.0 0.0 US-75 Southern terminus
Beggs 3.6 5.8 SH-16 Northern terminus of SH-16 concurrency
Creek Kiefer 18.0 29.0 SH-67 Western terminus of SH-67
Sapulpa 22.6 36.4 SH-117
23.3 37.5 SH-33 / SH-66 / SH-97 Signed northern terminus of US-75 ALT, southern terminus of SH-97, eastern terminus of SH-33, southern terminus of SH-66 concurrency
24.2 38.9 SH-117A Northern terminus of SH-117A
26.4 42.5 Creek Turnpike No access to/from westbound Creek Tpk.
30.2 48.6 I‑44 / SH-66 Northern terminus of US-75 ALT, northern terminus of SH-66 concurrency
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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