UB40 Live

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UB40 Live
Live album by UB40
Released 14 February 1983
Recorded Ireland, February 1982
Genre Reggae
Length 51:53
Label DEP International
Producer UB40 and Pablo Falconer

UB40 Live is a 1983 album (cat no. LPDEP 4) of live concert recordings of UB40 performing songs from their first three studio albums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Food for Thought"
  2. "Sardonicus"
  3. "Don't Slow Down"
  4. "Folitician"
  5. "Tyler"
  6. "Present Arms"
  7. "The Piper Calls the Tune"
  8. "Love Is All Is Alright"
  9. "Burden of Shame"
  10. "One in Ten"