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Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems / Computer Science (ICICS/CS) building at UBC

The UBC Computer Science department at the University of British Columbia was established in May 1968 and is the top computer science department in Canada.[1] UBC CS is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Research activities[edit]

The department's research activities are organized around a number of collaborative research groups:


UBC Computer Science was established in May 1968. The department experienced a significant period of growth in the 21st century. It now has 55 faculty, 35 staff, 200 graduate students, and 1300 undergraduates.


  • Ron Rensink: popularized the "flicker" technique in which two images of scenes alternate repeatedly with a brief (80 millisecond) blank screen after each image, giving the display a flickering appearance. With the blank screen in place, surprisingly large changes could be made to the scene without the observer reliably noticing them. Rensink et al. (1997) also introduced the term change blindness[3]

Former Faculty[edit]

  • Hugh Dempster
  • Maria Klawe: served as head of the department from 1988 until 1995.
  • Nick Pippenger
  • Richard Rosenberg
  • Jack Snoeyink

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